Personality Types Represented in Professions

One of the most interesting and informing aspects of MBTI® is that each of the sixteen types tends to be drawn toward specific industries, jobs, and vocations. This has been verified through numerous studies.

When we administer the MBTI® to a group of accountants, we invariably find a disproportionate number are ISTJs (who are unaware of their like type). In a litigation firm, there are always a large number of ENTPs. Hard sciences are populated with many INTJs. Look at each of the types and see if you verify these findings with your own experience.


Professions: Management, accounting, data processing, legal

Special Talent: Attention to detail, use of data


Professions: Administration, health care, religious settings

Special Talent: Helping people in a behind-the-scene manner


Professions: Counseling, teaching, religion, arts

Special Talent: Facilitate emotional, intellectual, or spiritual development


Professions: Legal department, product development, science and technical fields

Special Talent: Intellectual creativity, conceptualization and analysis


Professions: Technical fields, facilities management, military and law enforcement

Special Talent:  Hands-on skills, analytical work with data and things


Professions: Health care, counseling, business team, coordination

Special Talent: Service-related attention to details


Professions: Business coordination, writing, psychology, religion

Special Talent: Human insight and creativity


Professions: Technical fields, scientific research, organizational research

Special Talent: Objective analysis of problems based on technical expertise


Professions: Marketing, business, sales

Special Talent: Persuasion and action-oriented outcomes


Professions: Health care, teaching, coaching

Special Talent: Helping people with their practical needs


Professions: Human resources, counseling, teaching, design

Special Talent: Working to gain cooperation among people and groups


Professions: Project management, technology, design/arts, science

Special Talent: Change and continually changing situations


Professions: Logistics, administration, management

Special Talent: Use of organization to get things done


Professions: Team leaders, corporate trainers, sales management

Special Talent: Use of organization and diplomacy to achieve results


Professions: Corporate trainers, team leaders, higher education

Special Talent: Helping and facilitating groups


Professions: Leadership, group strategy

Special Talent: Tough-minded strategy, analysis, strategic planning and organization

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