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Culture in a Nutshell

As an organizational leader you know how a toxic culture destroys all best efforts—and a healthy culture makes success possible. Culture issues occur when people and organizational systems don’t mesh. Culture alignment is a process where people, systems, values and history are brought together through the Delta, Inc. alignment model.

Here is when you know your organization’s culture is in serious need of alignment:

  • Your people are at their best—experienced, competent and hard-working—but your organization isn’t moving forward, despite huge effort.
  • Good people are jumping ship. Or the level of effort and urgency are stuck in first gear.
  • Your people bring whole different sets of values—what they think is important and how you get things done—and they clash to the point that moving forward is a slow, difficult, expensive grind.
  • Different departments and teams have conflicting goals—sales vs. operations, accounting vs. product development, HR vs. C-suite.
  • The history and traditions of the organization makes positive change impossible.
  • Everything is set up right, but key outcomes are seriously wrong.

How it Works

Here’s how the Delta model works:

  1. Situational Analysis/Discovery.  We discover the conflicting elements of your organization’s culture—conflicting approaches, senses of importance, value systems, histories, and strategies. We discover these through organizational research and in-depth interviews.
  2. Develop the Culture Profile. We compile data from our fact-finding phase, and we put together a profile that creates a forward path.
  3. Align the Culture. We work with you to align the components of your culture to achieve your organizational goals and metrics. We determine how it all fits together.
  4. Synch Cultural Components. We go through the process of synchronization—putting together the components of goals, strategies, history, personality, departmental agendas, and priorities to make them work for us instead of against us. The “devil is in the details” and we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make sure the details of how your organization actually runs support the culture that under-girds your vision.
  5. Build a Culture that Clicks. At Delta, Inc. we believe that aligning the culture is fundamental to achieving the goals of management, board, employees, and customers. Culture is the overall environment that keeps us sane, productive, and focused.

Get Started

Contact Carol Kallendorf, PhD, for a free and without obligation discussion about your organization and its culture. Carol is founder of Delta Associates, an Austin-based organizational consulting firm and a nationally known organizational consultant. Contact Jack Speer, Delta President, a leading organizational strategist, for a complimentary organizational strategy discussion.

I have worked with Delta Associates in varying capacities for the past seven years -- MBTI training, executive coaching for myself, executive coaching for high potential direct reports and as a way to "spot check" to ensure my teams are evolving personally and professionally. They are brutally honest but always served up with a healthy dose of empathy. I have learned more from Carol than I thought humanly possible and I'm grateful to have them in my roster of experts. They are super sharp, deeply ethical and a must-have resource for fast growing organizations.
Lisa Pearson
Chief Marketing Officer, Big Commerce

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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