Tuesday Report

Oh to be a Narcissist! 😊

How Nice it Would Be to Always Be Right Here’s a huge confession—At times I would love to be a narcissist.  It’s true that narcissism is described as a serious pathology by psychologists.  Narcissism is thought to be chronic and incurable.  I personally wouldn’t know, because

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The Battle for the Brain: The Pandemic Mind ….

So What’s the Thing with Sourdough Bread? Sadly, John Mulaney, one of Jack’s and my favorite comedians, announced recently that after more than 15 years of sobriety, he had relapsed in his battle against drugs and alcohol.  Fortunately, he entered a treatment program quickly and

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Thanksgiving Pilgrims

My First Virtual Thanksgiving

How to be Grateful in a Pandemic WorldHow will you be celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020?  Virtual or face to face?  Everyone is making some really hard choices—three out of five won’t be physically gathering with the family.    It’s about to be Thanksgiving Day, November

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Beyond Fast: Agility – the New Plan to Play to Win

Working remotely from home in a pandemic–with technology that doesn’t always work–can be tough.  It  can make  days that glom together seem like a long, never ending slog.  It can feel like rowing a kayak down a fast moving river through white rapids–with a broken

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Why Don't You Listen to Me?

Why Don’t People Understand Me?

People Really Need to Understand What I’m Telling ThemAbout 2 billion people in the world speak English—and I’m speaking in English. Almost anywhere you go in the world, knowing the language of each country is useful, but if you speak English you can communicate.  Lots of

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FROM CAROL KALLENDORF, PhD: Founder, Delta Associates, Inc. A summa con laude graduate of Duke University, Carol has been a lifelong consultant in the field of human performance, enabling thousands of people to achieve a better career and life.  Carol has a renowned ability to

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