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The Delta Interactive Type Table® is a useful, powerful tool for managing your career, work relationships, and in achieving more effective teams. Start by clicking any of the Personality Type squares to read more. Learn more about MBTI here.

I have worked with Delta Associates in varying capacities for the past seven years -- MBTI training, executive coaching for myself, executive coaching for high potential direct reports and as a way to "spot check" to ensure my teams are evolving personally and professionally. They are brutally honest but always served up with a healthy dose of empathy. I have learned more from Carol than I thought humanly possible and I'm grateful to have them in my roster of experts. They are super sharp, deeply ethical and a must-have resource for fast growing organizations.
Lisa Pearson
Chief Marketing Officer, Big Commerce

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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