MBTI® in a Nutshell

What it is, and How we use it

MBTI ®, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, first published in 1943, was developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabell Myers Briggs based on the theory of psychological types by Carl Jung. It is used by Fortune 100 companies, colleges and universities, countless companies and organizations, and people across the world to help them better understand personality type to improve everything from communication team effectiveness, to increase personal fulfillment.

Here’s How the Delta MBTI® Model Works

The right assessment data, skillfully interpreted, can advance a person’s career by years in just a few months. It can make a floundering team focused and effective in a matter of weeks. It can transform a high performing team into an organizational force of nature. It will change your business.

We use assessments that make a lasting impact and deliver lasting value.

A single assessment is like having a compass with one arrow pointing in one direction. We have developed complete MBTI® tools around a set of assessments that provides professionals with all the coordinates necessary to chart a successful career.

The following are assessments that we use to strengthen performance and diagnose organizational issues:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI® is the most well-known personality assessment in the world. There are many good personality assessments, but none that are as effective in helping a person understand- often for the first time- the way they communicate, make decisions, react under stress and best organize their life.


This assessment is fundamental to understanding how our often mixed signals make it impossible for people “read” us and for us to lead them. FIRO-B tells us unique things about ourselves and is the best measurement available of emotional intelligence.

CPI 260

This assessment is one of the few that creates a “scorecard” of how an executive compares to a database of 5,600 successful managers, senior managers and executives in North America and Europe.

I have worked with Delta Associates in varying capacities for the past seven years -- MBTI training, executive coaching for myself, executive coaching for high potential direct reports and as a way to "spot check" to ensure my teams are evolving personally and professionally. They are brutally honest but always served up with a healthy dose of empathy. I have learned more from Carol than I thought humanly possible and I'm grateful to have them in my roster of experts. They are super sharp, deeply ethical and a must-have resource for fast growing organizations.
Lisa Pearson
Marketing Officer, Big Commerce

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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