Your Leadership Is Your Key

Leaders are Both Born and Made: They Will Enable You to Grow or Keep You Stuck


Leadership in a nutshell

The Delta, Inc. definition is: “Leaders enable those around them to achieve must-do outcomes.” Leaders are key to your success. They will enable your organization to survive, thrive and grow….or they will slow progress, accept mediocrity, drive off top talent, and tank your bottom line. Leaders are the force that enable people to succeed under terrible circumstances and to seize the opportunities presented by great circumstances. There is no “leader look,” Leaders come in many packages—good looking and plain, natural leaders and “late bloomers,” In a word, leaders are achievers. We help you identify them, grow them, and develop them.

Here’s How the Delta, Inc. Leadership Model Works

Turning Your Talent into Team Leaders. Most high achievers you hired weren’t trained to lead. They were trained to compete—for grades, sports, jobs, and promotions. Now you need them to collaborate with people and lead teams.

Here is how—and why–our leadership model achieves profound results, while other leadership “programs” fail:

  • Your Issues Drive the Leadership initiative. We begin with the gut-level, passionate conviction and urgency on the part of senior leadership that your organization is stuck, in jeopardy, unable to grow without powerful leadership.
  • We Get the “Must Have” Executive Buy-in. Leadership initiatives must carry the stamp of the C-suite. The executive team must see the leadership program as part of their success strategy.The first job is to gain the buy-in of the executive team….and we are very successful at doing that.
  • Our Leadership Programs are Industry-Specific and Organization-Specific. We understand the industries we work with, and each program is geared to the industry and to that particular client. Our successful programs have ranged from tech companies to financial institutions to large non-profits.
  • We select the Right Participants. We work with you to select the people who have achived the most already and those who have the most potential. We help you make sure the right people are in the room.
  • Assessments. Successful leaders begin by more effectively knowing and understanding themselves. Scientfically validated assessments like the MBTI, FIRO-B, CPI 260 and the Delta 360 Degree Assessment enable people to know themselves and how to manage their relationships with those around them.
  • On the Job Leadership Assignments. Sessions contain impactful assignments based on each participant’s job role. This assignment allows the participant to apply what they’ve learned and to receive meaningful critique.
  • Coaching Between Sessions. Between sessions, participants have 1:1 coaching sessions with a Delta Associates executive coach to take their individual leadership to the next level.
  • Sharing Group Insights. In Delta we believe that the most important insights come from members of the program. We create regular opportunities for team members to interact with each other and to gain those insights. In the course of doing this, you deepen your leadership bench and create multiple levels of aligned and committed leaders.

Get Started

Contact Carol Kallendorf, PhD, for a free and without obligation discussion about your organization and its culture. Carol is founder of Delta Associates, an Austin-based organizational consulting firm and a nationally known organizational consultant. Contact Jack Speer, Delta president, a leading organizational strategist, for a complimentary organizational strategy discussion.

Delta provided executive coaching for our senior leadership team, which has made a significant difference: we have seen those people grow and mature as executives and leaders as a direct result of Carol’s coaching. We [...] have learned to deeply appreciate Delta: they don’t just make recommendations and leave; they dig in and work through the implementation. They have been a true partner to us and they care very deeply about our success.
Joe Henkel
CEO Emeritus and Vice Chairman, Kleberg Bank

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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