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Delta Associates, Inc., is a consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. We work both in the public and private sectors. We have a broad range of skills and abilities and we understand your business. As a consulting firm, we are your second set of hands and your “third ear.” We help you identify issues and solutions and to “see around corners” in critical moments.

Consulting firms are no longer an add-on cost. Organizations in our 21st Century environment recognize they need the right consulting firm for today—from start-up to profitable “going-concern” businesses, to foundations, associations, and other non-profits.

Here are the compelling reasons:

  • Today’s lean organization must maintain a laser focus on core competencies—product, sales, engineering, technology, project management, etc.
  • The CEO and c-suite executives have limited time to deal with the broader issues of alignment and peak performance…yet they know these issues are life and death.
  • Organizations today cannot afford to hire full time employees who flex from issue to issue and that is why problems don’t get fixed and organizations fail.
  • The most cost efficient strategy is to form a relationship with Delta, Inc. which has a broad skillset it brings to organizations and can focus where the organization has opportunities or threats.

Entrepreneurial Social Impact

Delta, Inc. are social entrepreneurs and proud founders of the Dream Come True Foundation. Delta’s core value is individual achievement within a powerful free enterprise system. We believe that individual performance and initiative are the key to personal and organizational success. Because of this conviction Carol Kallendorf, PhD, and Jack Speer conceptualized and founded the Dream Come True Foundation, which identifies high potential people in poverty and leads them into education and high-paying jobs. Our mission is to create peak performance and professional opportunity.

Meet the Delta Team

CarolCarol Kallendorf, PhD is the Founder of Delta Associates, Inc. She is an advisor/facilitator/mentor/coach who helps senior leadership teams forge themselves into the competitive edge of their organizations.  Leading teams through a six stage process, she creates organizational  laboratories for creating products, dominating markets, and achieving revenue goals.  She works with leadership teams to turn great individual players into teams that score and win consistently, year after year.  Carol earned her PhD at Duke University where she graduated summa cum laude. 

JackJack Speer is president of Delta Associates, Inc. As an entrepreneur, under his leadership, he and Carol have built their company into a nationally known brand. Jack directed the development of the nationally used Delta 360 individual, team, and culture assessment software which organizations use to predict issues rather than salvage disasters. Jack is the chief writer for the Delta Tuesday Report, delivering insights and tools for personal and organizational development. Jack is an expert in non-profit organizations and Latin American affairs and speaks fluent Spanish.

lanaLana Newlander brings over 25 years experience in management, coordination and organization as a high-level executive assistant. She excels in customer relations, workflow management and all aspects of organization. Lana has a strong background in banking, mortgage processing, and real estate support. She joined Delta Associates in 2007.

Lana and her husband Bob have been married for 35+ years and have two wonderful grown children. Lana and Bob have two Leonbergers (Tessa and Beau), one Wire Haired Griffon (Jasper) and two cats, Dara and Gemma, who rule the house.

Lana has been involved with Therapy Pet Pals for more than 15 years. Several times a month, Lana and her dog Tessa go to local nursing homes and visit with the residents. Tessa brings peace and calm to individuals who can no longer have their own pets.

JessicaJessica Sager, holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas and Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University. She has worked as an executive coach, facilitator and mentor with business owners, entrepreneurs and team leaders across North America, helping them to develop their vision, align their teams, and define processes and programs to accelerate growth.

Healther Bailey, is an experienced executive, who uses her operations, finance, strategy and relationship building expertise to deliver straightforward and insightful executive coaching services.  She uses tools such as the Delta 360 survey, which identifies client strengths and opportunities, to help leaders create and implement a game plan to become their best selves.  She has worked as a regulator, executive, and consultant, giving her a broad perspective into all aspects of leadership, especially during transitional events. After 19 years as an executive leader, she has a deep understanding of leadership’s impact on human and operational challenges and what actions result in failure or success.  She is a CPA and holds an MBA degree.

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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