360 Degree Feedback for Individuals and Teams  

The Delta 360 Feedback Assessment Tools: 

Individual and Team

What if you could see what’s driving your organization right now–looking through the windshield—not through the rear-view mirror?  What if you could consistently prevent issues, not clean up disasters?

The Delta 360 Feedback Assessment tools create the view of the road forward for individual leaders and team. 

The Delta 360-degree assessments for individual leaders and teams create real-time people data from managers, peers, direct reports and others.  Through carefully crafted questions, a profile of effectiveness is created for people and teams.  The 360-degree assessments create profiles for action and strategies to achieve individual, team and enterprise-wide objectives.


Individual Leader 360

Delta will consult with you to create a customized 360 assessment with competencies and questions that are tailored to your organization, industry, company stage and goals.   We have unlimited flexibility in creating your 360.

We include the traditional rater groups of self, manager, direct reports, and peers.  We can also add other rater groups such as skip-level direct reports, Board members, customers, other stakeholders, etc.

The number of Raters is unlimited.

We provide analytics to determine strengths and gaps for your leadership team and to track those over time.

We also offer a structured feedback and action-planning process and can integrate 360 feedback with other assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


Team 360

Our Delta Team 360 is the only assessment of its kind in the market.  Like the Individual 360, the competencies and questions in the Team 360 are customized specifically to your organization, industry, stage, and goals.

In the Team 360, team members rate the effectiveness of the team, its functioning, and its impact on the rest of the organization.  The members of other teams rate that team on the same items.  For instance, the members of an executive team might rate that executive team’s effectiveness.  Then members of other teams–like Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc.—also rate the executive team.

The result is a robust picture of how that executive team sees itself and how other teams view and experience it.

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