360 Degree Alignment System

Predicts Issues Before They Become Disasters

Create People-Data – Build Your Best Team – Eliminate Crises   

The Delta 360 Alignment System—How it Works

What if you could see what’s driving your organization right now–looking through the windshield—not through the rear view mirror?  What if you could consistently prevent issues, not clean up disasters?

The Delta 360-degree Alignment System creates the view of your organization’s road forward. 

Emerging Opportunities . . . Looming Threats . . . the Delta 360 Alignment System Identifies Them

Through the Delta 360 Alignment System, you will see what’s going on from every vantage point of your organization—looming threats, emerging opportunities—by creating people-data. These are those critical facts from managers, peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders that all too often emerge after the fact, indirectly and incomplete.

The Delta 360-degree assessments—individual, team, and culture–create real-time people data from managers, peers, direct reports and others.  Through carefully crafted questions, a profile of effectiveness is created for people and teams.  The 360-degree assessments inform profiles for action and strategies to move the team forward to achieving individual, team and enterprise-wide objectives.

The Six-Stage Process

1.  Creating the 360 Leader Snapshot.   

Delta creates with you a set of industry-specific questions that will create the snapshot of where your organization is now.  The information will be generated by the people who surround you and know your organization—leaders, bosses, peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders if desired, such as Board members or customers.  Our online assessments will create a complete picture of what you need to know.  We will create a safe, secure and confidential environment, drawing from the knowledge of those who know best.  We will present the key data that will enable you to solve issues.

2.  Leadership Strength/Gap Analysis –

We’ll include assessments of personality, communication, emotional intelligence, and leadership, as well as analysis that makes the data immediately applicable to solving issues and creating strategies.

3.  Gameplan/Alignment Session. 

One of the most valued components of our system, team members create their plan forward, the “Game Plan,” following a structured process to dig deeply in tneir data.  Then we convene the full team to present the Game Plans and create alignment that is transformational to an organization.

4.  Executive Coaching. 

As individuals have created gameplans that are career gamechangers, executive coaching is key.  Through executive coaching with highly skilled and experienced Delta coaches, members of your team gain insights to take their careers and their organizational impact to the next level.

5.  Leadership Development. 

Here we begin to take the whole team forward and create a deeper leadership bench by developing and deploying a leadership development program and system unique to your organization and grounded in your organization’s strategy and goals. 

6.  Organizational Change/Succession. 

The data our assessments generate and the Alignment System help clients map out and navigate organizational and market change.  They also provide a solid path for succession planning at the executive team level and other levels of leadership.  Through our analytics, we work with organizations to understand their strengths, gaps, competitive advantages and weaknesses and to be able to seize new opportunities and tackle new challenges. 

As we know, leadership transitions are key to an organization’s success.   We work with organizations to chart succession planning so that leadership changes are anticipated and planned. We make transitions less disruptive and give new leaders a foundation to be successful much more rapidly.

They developed and conducted in-depth 360-degree assessments for all of our leaders and led us each in developing a Game Plan based on our 360s that ensured we acted on our 360 data and provided coaching along the way. The results were amazing as you saw each person make huge forward progress in areas like communication, leadership, alignment with company goals, and conflict management. This has had a tremendous impact on our growth and success as a company.
Aaron Richards
President, The Porter Company

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

(512) 498-9780

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