Aligning Leadership Teams-- 5-Step Process with Critical Components
Aligning the Leadership Team within your organization is most often the key factor that determines whether your balance sheet will surge in value or hemorrhage red, and whether products  READ MORE
Jack Speer

Jack Speer

Carol Kallendorf

Carol Kallendorf



Your Organization has Teams? Really? So You're Like the NFL?!
  Before teams in companies rose to prominence in the early 90’s, there were departments – a group of people waiting for orders and authorizations from above. The switch to teams  READ MORE
A Gamechanger for Teams: The New 360-Degree Online Assessment
How do you launch a team so that it has the best shot at success? Two components of a successful team are an effective kickoff strategy and a 360-degree team  READ MORE
4 Ways Realistic Goal Setting Will Get You What You Want
Should you . . . can you . . . set goals? Goal setting is not rocket science nor an experience in other dimension of time and space.  It’s not  READ MORE
Save your sanity by outsourcing your to-do list
  Outsource, outsource, outsource. I don’t mean manufacturing or IT support, but your own personal to-do list. Sometimes, as motivated people, we get in the mindset of thinking “it has to  READ MORE
Basecamp - Getting to the Top of the Mountain with Online Tools
I recently had my first experience with Basecamp, and it was totally new to me. It was like someone had invented the telephone and electric lights, but they left me shockingly  READ MORE
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