Driving Next Level Success


How Team New Zealand Beat the Powerful “Stars and Stripes” What determines the fastest sailing boat? And how did New Zealand win?

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How to Achieve a Breakthrough in 2019: Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

How do you want your life to improve in 2019?  How do you achieve a breakthrough to a larger career, a richer family life, and opportunities to serve others and make a difference?

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Assumptions Killed Goliath

How an Ancient Story Speaks Important Strategy to Organizations Today

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What Could Kill Your Career? Questions. Even If You’re the Smartest Person in the Room

Here are some strategies for asking questions that will work for you that I have learned from the top experts. These strategies for asking questions will revolutionize your ability to get the outcomes you need.

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Thanksgiving 2018: Why Business is on My Gratitude List

I’m probably one of the few people you know who puts business at the top of my Thanksgiving 2018 gratitude list. Business has been my lifelong opportunity to earn, grow, and to improve my life.

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7 Deadly Mistakes of Highly Successful People

(And How To Avoid Them) With Kudos and Apologies to Stephen Cover

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The Team of Geniuses—That Failed: A Business Parable.

If successful, the Body Voyager would change the face of medicine and create one of the most profitable companies in the world. What happened then?

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Visit our MBTI Resource Center to see how personality type tools can help your business thrive.

Delta Inc guided us through some mission-critical, challenging and complicated transitions in our company. They have a tremendous ability to build trust and establish credibility and confidence.

- Matt Chasen, Founder and CEO, uShip