6 reasons teams are failing you and what to do about it
If you’re on a team, how effective is it and how happy are you? Do you enjoy your team members? Is your team achieving your objectives  READ MORE
Jack Speer

Jack Speer

Carol Kallendorf

Carol Kallendorf



Is it Possible to Predict Problems Instead of Solve Disasters? A Pathway to Guide You
Predictive Leadership by Kirk Dando – Anticipating Problems Instead of Solving Disasters: A Review and Recommendation by Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D. Founder, Delta Associates, Inc. I may be like you in that I’m  READ MORE
The MBTI Likeability Index: Which Types Naturally Like You, and Which Don’t?
Each of the 16 personality types has a different set of basic operating values (BOV). Based on their BOV, MBTI Types get along with each other or not. If my  READ MORE
The Thermodynamics of Feedback - How You Handle Criticism Can Make Your Career or Destroy You
When was the last time you were personally criticized as a leader in your organization when it was absolutely not what you were expecting? Criticism, like the reaper drone, comes  READ MORE
You've Got Mail! Ignore My Email at Your Own Risk
You’ve Got Mail! Just 22 years ago in 1992—a time that even some Millennials remember—America fell in love with something new we called email. It was mesmerizing, fun, and addictive. Tom  READ MORE
Exploring the "Imposter Syndrome" - It's One of the Most Important Questions You'll Ever Answer
You’ve experienced one of those people, haven’t you, that swaggers into a room like an imitation Donald Trump—just lacking the thinning dyed blonde comb-over hair.   They have a  READ MORE
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