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Skin in the Game – What’s in it for Me in the Workplace

Who’s skin is in your game–really? In any event of life we are spectators, watching the outcome with little to lose, or we have a great deal personally on the line–we have skin in the game.

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Hate Criticism? A Practical Guide to Managing and Profiting From Criticism

How you accept and give criticism will determine a great deal about how you succeed—in both life and career. Managing and profiting from criticism is a key skill at work and at home. Not becoming a punching bag for critics is equally important.

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Office Space Turns 20 – Serious Lack of Alignment

The cost of unaligned teams that are unclear of how they’re adding to the success of the organization is huge.

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Setting Realistic Goals — Why Not Me? Why Not Now?

Russell Wilson never lost the key question his father asked him, “Why not you, Russell?”  And Russell Wilson continues to ask his team, “Why not us?  Why not now?”

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Steve Jobs — Self-concept Propelled His Success

Self-concept is the sum of the way you see yourself, who you believe yourself to be.

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Can You Measure the Dysfunction of My Team? Can a 360-degree Assessment Help You Fix It?

Would you agree that fixing leadership dysfunctionality and aligning an organization’s leadership is the key factor in the world’s organizational success?  Organizations can’t succeed in the 21st Century marketplace environment unless its leadership is aligned.

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Are Men Really From Mars and Women from Venus?

Are Male/Female Gender Differences Often Really Personality Type Differences?

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Visit our MBTI Resource Center to see how personality type tools can help your business thrive.

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- Matt Chasen, Founder and CEO, uShip