Good Coach, Bad Coach
Although it may seem over dramatic, your career and physical health in the c-suite can depend on finding the right guide for your ascent up  READ MORE
Jack Speer

Jack Speer

Carol Kallendorf

Carol Kallendorf



No One Understands You - Find a Coach
”Communication is vital, but the great irony is that human beings have a surprisingly difficult time when it comes to knowing what exactly they are communicating.” -Heidi Halvorson As a  READ MORE
Taking Charge of my Brain--Mind Over What Doesn't Matter
Jack Speer is a Career and Life Coach in Austin, Texas.   He believes that life, like baseball, depends on the way you swing the bat.   I want to  READ MORE
Culture Change--the Most Difficult and Vital Change of All
When an organization’s best and brightest people have used every tactic and strategy to move an organization forward, only to hit the brick wall that they never imagined existed,  READ MORE
Would an Executive Coach/Adviser Ever be Important to Your Career?
Executive coaching can be a key factor in your success.  Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, in his recent book, “How Google Works,” recounts how Google values executive coaching for one  READ MORE
Your Organization has Teams? Really? So You're Like the NFL?!
  Before teams in companies rose to prominence in the early 90’s, there were departments – a group of people waiting for orders and authorizations from above. The switch to teams  READ MORE
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