Alignment Performance Results

Client Testimonials

Steve Jackobs
Executive Director
Capital IDEA
Austin, Texas

As executive director of a large non-profit organization in Austin, Capital IDEA, we chose Delta Associates, Inc. to be our consultants to help us develop our 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan. The mission of our organization is to help people achieve a living wage through education. The dynamics of our organization are complex. We have multiple non-profit and governmental partners that enable us to serve a population of people with great potential and scarce resources. We have a goal to scale our organization and to serve a larger portion of our Central Texas population.

Delta Associates brought to Capital IDEA a wide scope of competencies that have enabled them to work with Capital IDEA in developing its strategic plan. Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D., Delta Associates Founder, is well known for her organizational expertise and ability to enable organizations to achieve their goals. Jack Speer, Delta Associates President, has served as an executive in numerous non-profit organizations. He has wide experience in the dynamics of non-profits and their interaction with communities, as well as working with elected officials and as a policy advocate.

Delta Associates, through their knowledge of organizations, draws an accurate situational analysis of how an organization is viewed internally by its board and through the eyes of community leaders who support it. From interviews and review of documentation, Delta is able to develop actionable plans for organizations to move them forward.

Delta is a counselor to organizational executives and boards as they meet internal and external challenges. We value our association with Delta Associates and believe that other organizations will as well.

Lisa Pearson, President, Umbel

I have worked with Delta Associates in varying capacities for the past seven years -- MBTI training, executive coaching for myself, executive coaching for high potential direct reports and as a way to "spot check" to ensure my teams are evolving personally and professionally.
They know what it takes to build high performing teams and they are unwavering in their commitment to help get you there. Carol and Jack known that the best teams are not clones of one another and that building teams with diverse leadership styles is critical in today's economy. But that is easier said than done. They are masterful at spotting areas of misalignment -- whether strategic or around mismatched styles -- and very adept at delivering practical programming on getting everyone in sync.
They are brutally honest but always served up with a healthy dose of empathy. I have learned more from Carol than I thought humanly possible and I'm grateful to have them in my roster of experts. They are super sharp, deeply ethical and a must-have resource for fast growing organizations.

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