If you could offer only one, solitary tool to make an organization a better and more productive place to work, what would it be? We would say, make it MBTI… but make it MBTI done very, very well. 

The single greatest tool for any organization

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) begins by explaining a person to themselves, helping them understand who they are, what makes them tick and what ticks them off.

It describes how one person values structure and another values freedom- and what that means for their working relationship. It explains why my “lively debate” feels like a full-out fight to you (or vice versa) and how to bridge that divide. It shows how we are stronger, more creative and more productive when we can leverage each other’s strengths and how to do that leveraging.

The power is in the application

But it’s not enough to just introduce MBTI for businesses. To gain the huge benefits this tool can produce, it must be skillfully facilitated by people who know how to put it to work in organizations.

We work with each client to identify the primary objectives they want to accomplish through the MBTI. Is it communication? Improved team dynamics? Maybe it’s conflict management or change management? Is it avoiding “groupthink”? Or learning to build creative energy within a diverse team of strong-willed professionals?

We administer the MBTI online and provide extensive personalized reporting. Some of our report options are:

  • Form M: A good place to begin for people who are just starting out with MBTI. Form M explains the MBTI Preferences and gives a complete personal report and description of your personality type.
  • Form Q (Step II) (most popular): A more in-depth and comprehensive tool that explains the unique nuances and details of each person’s personality type. It also analyzes the person’s communication, decision-making, change management, and conflict management styles.
  • The MBTI Team Report: Takes the MBTI scores of team members and develops a profile of how the team works, its strengths and weaknesses. The Team Report enhances team dynamics, avoiding group think and getting a team “unstuck.”
  • MBTI Workstyles Report Enhancing Two Way Communication in Organizations: Analyzes two people’s MBTI reports in parallel to explain how they can best work together, where they might have conflict and how to work through the conflicts constructively.

Delta Associates is recognized as an international leader in the interpretation and application of MBTI in organizations. We have developed entire suites of proprietary tools to enable organizations to apply MBTI in real-world business situations. 

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