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Online and In Your Budget for Organizations in a Conserving Mode

You as a team leader may be facing the need to pull teams together so that you are united, cohesive, and productive in a time of great challenges.  And money is always tight, but it’s tighter now.

The good news is that Delta Associates, a consulting company based in Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico, has cracked the code and forged the way to making online meetings more effective than face to face—and totally safe.

Given the fact that tracel costs are zero and costs of materials are low to non-existent, we can offer you a program that will fit into your budget.  In addition to that, our consultants/facilitators/mentors/counselors are more skilled and senior than any top ten consulting company.

Team Alignment Session

A 3-hour online session that will align and coordinate your team with conversation and interactive exercises with Delta nationally known presenters – entertaining, insightful, and career changing – solves the issues you’re working on right now.  The session builds confidence and trust and ongoing performance.  

The Authentic Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (RT) MBTI

The authentic Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (RT) gives team members a powerful tool to understand how they perform at their highest level.  It creates powerful team players who know how to work with the diversity of today’s workforce.  It is an ongoing set of insights for work and for home.  Participants get an extensive personal resport on their type and a professional debriefing as part of the session.

The Delta-360 Individual, Team and Culture Assessments

The Delta family of 360-degree assessment – individual, team, and culture – creates powerful data about the key leaders in your organization that allows them to rapidly advance their careeers.  It enables leadership teams and other key executives to predict problems before they happen rather than deal with disasters after the fact.  Developed by Delta Associates, our family of products from the Delta Alignment System, which is exclusively available to Delta clients.  

Carol Kallendorf, PhD
Jessica Sager
Jessica Sager
Heather Bailey
Heather Bailey
Jack Speer

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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