Black Lives Matter—What’s Next?

“Black Lives Matter!”  We see throngs of thousands of people in the middle of a global pandemic in every city who shout the truth from the housetops. The murder of George Floyd over a 20 dollar bill, was for me the dramatic definition of “institutional racism.”  I knew that if I had been in the same […]

From Parent To Teacher – Making Education Really Work

Lisa Taylor is President and CEO of the National WASP WII Museum.  She is an expert in home schooling, having home schooled her children who have gone on to graduate from major universities and are established professionals in three fields.  Lisa also has a master’s degree in education.  The principles of home schooling are invaluable […]

The “New Normal”: Reentering The Workplace After Covid 19

What will it be like to Return to Work? The Return Could Be More Challenging than Working Remotely Morgan Stewart, CEO andco-founder of Trendline Vennesa Van Ameyde,Chief Operating Office ofKasasa     What will it be like when we go back to the office to work face to face?  What do executives guiding the process tell us? […]

Escaping the World of the Chronically Unemployed

Few people navigate the world of employment today without at some point finding themselves jobless. Companies fold, they’re acquired, reorged, and downsized. Sometimes you find yourself over your head in a project or on the wrong side of politics–bottom line is you’re out. People get fired—it’s what happens.

Decision Making – Sound or Scary?

Decision Making Skills–Your Most Important Tool One of the most important skills you’ll ever possess is your ability to make good decisions.   Decision making is something we all struggle with– yet it makes us or breaks us. How do you feel about your decision making process?  Can you make a decision–business or personal–and be happy […]

Feeling Invisible?

Have you ever wanted to be invisible? Did you ever feel you WERE INVISIBLE? Did you ever WISH YOU WEREN’T INVISIBLE? A fun take on people’s invisibility fantasy comes from the 1937 radio detective drama, The Shadow, often read by Orson Welles. The opening always began with, “Who knows what evil lurks in the heart […]