Consider Old Willie: Does Reinvention Make you Phony?

When you think about personal reinvention, always remember “old Willie,” Willie Nelson, who at 82 years of age, is experiencing an expanding career. Willie appears on late night television shows, sings at rodeos and concerts, is active in animal rights, and is an international icon, with his own statue in downtown Austin. Willie’s success today […]

How to Stop a Runaway Brain!

We can train our minds, but we realize it’s a lifetime process. Here are some tools we have developed as executive coaches to help us stop the runaway brain.

The Pursuit of Happiness—in Search a Sustained Sense of Joy

Although most people want to be happy, being happy is not the consistent state of the human mind. In many if not most of our days we experience delight and laughter—but these aren’t the backdrop of our day. They are accents. It’s estimated that as many as 25% of Americans take prescription anti-depressant pills. Research […]

Can Your Personality Type Determine How much You’ll Make in Your Career?

Jack Speer is President of Delta, Inc. and Delta Digital.  He is an organizational consultant and founder of The World Type Alliance,  A sometimes popular humorist on the subject of type, Jack regularly writes and comments on the MBTI® and other personality type instruments.   Can Personality Type predict how rich and well-heeled you […]