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Posted on 07/07/2020 by Carol Kallendorf

FROM CAROL KALLENDORF, PhD: Founder, Delta Associates, Inc. A summa con laude graduate of Duke University, Carol has been a lifelong consultant in the field of human performance, enabling thousands of people to achieve a better career and life.  Carol has a renowned ability to align teams, create trust, and enable them to achieve goals together. As people who work with teams know, one of the best tools that you can use with your team in a group session are exercises that involve the team[…]


Posted on 06/30/2020 by Delta Associates

Robert Redfield, US CDC Director, recently stated grimly, “The Covid-19 virus has brought this nation to its knees.”  As a member clearly of the at risk population, I respectfully and strongly object to what the Center for Disease Control director says. Corona Virus neither has not or will not bring us to our knees.  Our reaction to the Corona Virus is the only thing that can bring us to our knees. I’m hugely inspired by the resilience of people around the world during the Covid-19[…]

Self-Talk…Those Critical Things You Tell Yourself

Posted on 06/23/2020 by Jack Speer

Self talk . . . what you tell yourself, is the key factor of your life. . . you may be degreed from an Ivy League university, a distinguished member of Mensa, and voted most likely to succeed . . . . but what you say to yourself moment by moment, day by day–will determine your happiness and success. What is the Committee Telling Me? Robert Fulghum, (All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten), described his inner conversations as “The Committee.” In[…]


Posted on 06/09/2020 by Jack Speer

As countries reopen businesses across the world after so long in lockdown, it’s a little bit like reopening ourselves and our own personalities. How do we maintain a sense of personal identity in a world where we are asked to relinquish significant decision-making–like where physically to work, how to socialize, how near to stand to another person—in order to serve the greater good of preserving lives?  How do I maintain the “essential me” when I have given up personal control of the most important decisions[…]


Posted on 06/16/2020 by Jack Speer

“Black Lives Matter!”  We see throngs of thousands of people in the middle of a global pandemic in every city who shout the truth from the housetops. The murder of George Floyd over a 20 dollar bill, was for me the dramatic definition of “institutional racism.”  I knew that if I had been in the same situation, as a white man, I would not have been murdered. But what can I do now? The last thing we need is a predictable corporate statement.  What is[…]

From Parent to Teacher – Making Education at Home Really Work

Posted on 06/02/2020 by Jack Speer

by Lisa Taylor Lisa Taylor is President and CEO of the National WASP WII Museum.  She is an expert in home schooling, having home schooled her children who have gone on to graduate from major universities and are established professionals in three fields.  Lisa also has a master’s degree in education.  The principles of home schooling are invaluable to parents working from home who are suddenly in charge of children’s education. In 2018, Harvard Business Review contributor Daisy Wademan Dowling penned, How Working Parents Can Manage[…]

Lockdown Relived – What I Have Learned from Sheltering in Place

Posted on 05/26/2020 by Delta Associates

How did you learn that the world economy was suddenly locking down at lightning speed? How did you find out about “shelter in place?” What was your reaction when you saw restaurants and stores close down and streets emptying? What were you thinking?  How did you react? What’s the date?  When did it all begin? The lockdown date that the US seems to be settling on March 15th as the beginning of the lockdown.  It is the date that will go into history books.  This[…]

Beyond Fast: Agility – the New Plan to Play to Win

Posted on 05/19/2020 by Delta Associates

Working remotely from home in a pandemic–with technology that doesn’t always work–can be tough.  It  can make  days that glom together seem like a long, never ending slog.  It can feel like rowing a kayak down a fast moving river through white rapids–with a broken broom stick.  It takes a new agility, moving into waters where we’ve never been before. When I think of agility I think of Shaquille O’Neal.   He had an unheard of physique for a professional basketball player, totally unsuited for the game. […]

The “New Normal”: Reentering the Workplace after covid 19

Posted on 05/12/2020 by Jack Speer

What will it be like to Return to Work? The Return Could Be More Challenging than Working Remotely Morgan Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Trendline Vennesa Van Ameyde, Chief Operating Office of Kasasa What will it be like when we go back to the office to work face to face? What do executives guiding the process tell us? What will it be like when we go back to the office to work face to face? What do executives guiding the process tell us? The main[…]

Living in Lockdown: 100 Tuesday Report Readers Tell Us How They’re Doing

Posted on 05/05/2020 by Jack Speer

It’s week 8 of lockdown in the US. It’s similar in most parts of the world. As far as I can tell, at no time in the history of the world have governments locked down the entire economy. How long will it last?   What will be the impact?  How will it affect you and your family—now and in coming years? Approximately 100 Tuesday Report readers responded to our questions: What’s been most challenging? What’s been easiest? How has you team done? What about significant others and children?[…]

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