FROM CAROL KALLENDORF, PhD: Founder, Delta Associates, Inc. A summa con laude graduate of Duke University, Carol has been a lifelong consultant in the field of human performance, enabling thousands of people to achieve a better career and life.  Carol has a renowned ability to align teams, create trust, and enable them to achieve goals […]


Robert Redfield, US CDC Director, recently stated grimly, “The Covid-19 virus has brought this nation to its knees.”  As a member clearly of the at risk population, I respectfully and strongly object to what the Center for Disease Control director says. Corona Virus neither has not or will not bring us to our knees.  Our […]

Black Lives Matter—What’s Next?

“Black Lives Matter!”  We see throngs of thousands of people in the middle of a global pandemic in every city who shout the truth from the housetops. The murder of George Floyd over a 20 dollar bill, was for me the dramatic definition of “institutional racism.”  I knew that if I had been in the same […]


As countries reopen businesses across the world after so long in lockdown, it’s a little bit like reopening ourselves and our own personalities. How do we maintain a sense of personal identity in a world where we are asked to relinquish significant decision-making–like where physically to work, how to socialize, how near to stand to […]

Special Edition – Tuesday Report

Leading Remote Teams to Peak Performance During the Global PandemicBy Jessica SagerSenior ConsultantDelta Associates, Inc. Reaching out to you:  In this special edition of the Tuesday Report, we thank you, our readers, for the opportunity to serve you.  Our mission and passion is to stand with you as we move through the COVID-19 crisis.  Our goal […]

New: Creating Team Success Through Data Driven Performance

Everything of any importance in the world is measured.  It’s fundamental, isn’t it?   In your monthly bill paying cycle, you measure your utility bill, your mortgage and other expenses to be sure they add up to less than your income. But in our professional life, we don’t often know how our performance as managers or […]

Alignment—the “Piece Missing” from Organizational Success

The process of alignment in most organizations today is episodic and often crisis-driven, rather than an organizational strategy. Organizations must embrace a system of aligning and coaching their top talent as a business strategy. How are business teams and sports teams alike? “Well actually, they’re not alike in any way,” a casual observer might say. […]

Skin in the Game — What’s in it for me in the workplace

Skin in the Game — Do I Have It at Work, Do I Want to Have It? Who’s skin is in your game—really? In any event of life we are spectators, watching the outcome with little to lose, or we have a great deal personally on the line–we have skin in the game. The ultimate […]


What’s 2020 all about for you?  As we’re just about to complete the second decade of the 21st Century, how do we develop a clear 2020 vision for the organizations we spend a big chunk of our lives working for? Each year Carol and I get together to spend some time asking ourselves, “Why are […]

Building Teams on Transparency

Getting teams right is critical to organizational success.  Nothing is more important.  I recently sat down to talk with Matty Wishnow, founder of Clearhead, headquartered in Austin, Texas to talk about Matty’s model of team success.  Clearhead began with less than a million dollars in annual revenues and sold to Accenture, a large International consulting firm.  Matty has […]