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The “New Normal”: Reentering the Workplace after covid 19

Posted on 05/12/2020 by Jack Speer

What will it be like to Return to Work? The Return Could Be More Challenging than Working Remotely Morgan Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Trendline Vennesa Van Ameyde, Chief Operating Office of Kasasa What will it be like when we go back to the office to work face to face? What do executives guiding the process tell us? What will it be like when we go back to the office to work face to face? What do executives guiding the process tell us? The main[…]

Living in Lockdown: 100 Tuesday Report Readers Tell Us How They’re Doing

Posted on 05/05/2020 by Jack Speer

It’s week 8 of lockdown in the US. It’s similar in most parts of the world. As far as I can tell, at no time in the history of the world have governments locked down the entire economy. How long will it last?   What will be the impact?  How will it affect you and your family—now and in coming years? Approximately 100 Tuesday Report readers responded to our questions: What’s been most challenging? What’s been easiest? How has you team done? What about significant others and children?[…]

Facebook – Love it or Leave it?

Posted on 04/28/2020 by Jack Speer

Have you declared your intention to slice up your Facebook account into a billion cyber-pieces–to leave and never return? I certainly wouldn’t call it a stampede, but a number in our Tuesday Community tell me they’re done with Facebook and all its ilk. They’re feelings have been hurt on Facebook. They have been enraged, it’s a huge time sink–and by the way, they “like” the posts of all sorts of people who don’t “like” them back.  It’s a social media caste system of the self-appointed[…]


Posted on 04/14/2020 by Jack Speer

Carol and I still walk 20+ miles with our puppies each week through downtown, and it’s strange to pass by closed stores and offices–on a walk with no destination leading to nowhere. It’s really weird, isn’t it, to see the news coverage of major cities with empty downtown streets with nobody moving around?  Everyone is thinking, “When and how will this end?”: Is this the End of the World? Several decades ago I read the iconic 1949 sci-fi novel, Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart. The main[…]

A Band Together -Who Do You Want on Your Team?

Posted on 04/21/2020 by Jack Speer

Who do you want on your team?  There is no more fundamental question. That’s the question the NFL, the military, business, and every group asks that wants to get something done.   This question–who do you want on your team–tops business fundamentals like sales and revenue.   With the right team, every problem can be solved except those like hurricanes and tornados.  Even well -funded organizations with everything going for them fail because of dysfunctional teams. Putting together a great team with effective team members often seems[…]


Posted on 04/07/2020 by Carol Kallendorf

Do you feel particularly tired theses days? A lot of our clients say working from home remotely is exhausting.  Jack and I find that to be true.  Why would it be tiring to work remotely when you don’t leave your own driveway and you’re surrounded by all the comforts of home? It’s the radical, shattering change that we’re experiencing.  It’s legitimate that you feel that way–and there’s brain science to prove it. If we thought you were going through life-shattering change 3 weeks ago–now you[…]

Leadership in a Virtual World – Charting Our Course in a Global Pandemic

Posted on 03/24/2020 by Jack Speer

Coronavirus lockdown? Our  message always under siege has been–ATTACK!  The last thing we can do is to go into personal lockdown.  It’s time to go on the offensive with every fiber of our beings, as never before. At this point, developing the skills and technology to connect virtually to remote teams, clients, and prospects will be key. Once past the pandemic, remote work and a tendency toward social isolation will continue.  Even when we get the “all clear,” the pattern of a new virtual culture will[…]


Posted on 03/31/2020 by Jack Speer

We’ve been talking to a lot of people who were living in an entirely different universe just two short weeks ago. So where do we go from here? There was an office here before this.   It was our daily main street–with people, groups, food and beverage. When you walked in the door, you got a sense of the temperature of the people in the room. You absorbed the dynamics of the team environment. The change has been abrupt, jaw dropping, unbelievable–and not one of us has processed[…]

Special Edition – Tuesday Report

Posted on 03/19/2020 by Jack Speer

Leading Remote Teams to Peak Performance During the Global Pandemic By Jessica Sager Senior Consultant Delta Associates, Inc. Reaching out to you:  In this special edition of the Tuesday Report, we thank you, our readers, for the opportunity to serve you.  Our mission and passion is to stand with you as we move through the COVID-19 crisis.  Our goal is to not only survive but to thrive in these challenging circumstances.  Please contact us and let us know how we can help. Carol Kallendorf, PhD, Founder,[…]


Posted on 03/17/2020 by Jack Speer

How did you feel the first time you walked into your boss’s office for your first review? Truth be told I thought I was the one who should be evaluating my boss.  I was certainly smarter and more competent than he was. He was very fortunate he hired me.  I’d really saved this organization. Yet on the other hand, this boss evaluating me had the total ability to fire me on the spot–it had happened before.  He could give me a raise or promote me.  […]

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