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Managing Your Life and Career at 120 Years Old: How Are You Going to Do That?

Posted on 06/18/2018 in Executive Coaching, Featured Articles by Jack Speer

How will you manage your life and career at the age of 120? Silly question? Not worth thinking about? Waste of time? Maybe so, maybe no.

Why Can’t I Just Speak My Mind? The Power and Perils of Saying What You Think

Posted on 06/04/2018 in Executive Coaching, Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Should I Say What I’m Thinking?! Ouch! Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Why can’t I just speak my mind? —especially when it’s true! This is a question I’ve wrestled with all my life, and it comes up in conversations almost every day, especially with leaders who are charged with getting outcomes.

When I Look at Me, Who Do I See?

Posted on 05/21/2018 in Executive Coaching, Featured Articles by Jack Speer

How Do You React When You Look in the Mirror—Happy or Horrified? What’s Your Self Concept When You Look at You? Some people can’t get enough of their own face in the mirror—other people avoid looking at all. What about you?

Why Our Teams All Too Often Fail

Posted on 04/30/2018 in Culture/Team Alignment, Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Basketball is a player-to-player competition, but in business, as well as non-profits, team members must not compete against each other.

Is Your Executive Aligned to Lead?

Posted on 01/23/2017 in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Leadership alignment—whether you move as a coordinated group whose sum is more than the individual parts—is the leading indicator of whether the balance sheet will grow or hemorrhage red.

The Delta 360-Degree Assessment

Posted on in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

In order to move up to the next level of leadership ability, skill and agility, you need the power of feedback from those around you—you need the Delta 360 and its companion, the Delta Team 360.

Executive Coaching

Posted on in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Making successful changes and adapting throughout a person’s career is not an option. Leadership is situational, and situations change. Executive coaching is a proven, effective way for leaders to navigate these waters.

Teambuilding for Organizations

Posted on in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Teams often have the fate of the organization in their hands, from the standpoint of execution. And teams have enormous opportunities to reduce costs by streamlining processes, slashing cycle time and time-to-market, and reducing the friction between team members.

Organizational Culture Change

Posted on in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Organizational culture is one of the most significant factors in the way organizations function—how they move forward or not. It is all too often not understood–from the executive offices to human resources.

Defining Your Organizational Culture—Getting Beyond
 the Brick Wall to the Road Forward

Posted on 03/06/2016 in Culture/Team Alignment by Carol Kallendorf

Culture is the complex combination of the invisible ways in which people interact and work together as groups. Understanding how your organization’s culture works is key.

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