Team Alignment for Growth

Delta’s Team Alignment for Growth System enables teams to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs by aligning their individual talents to shatter barriers, break through silos, and achieve goals.

It creates—often for the first time—a reliable system to predict issues rather than to fix disasters. Teams are able to “see through the windshield” rather than to “look through the rearview mirror.”

The Team Alignment for Growth System creates

  • flawless execution
  • focus on goals
  • team synergy
  • individual and group competence
  • clear forward vision
  • organizational creativity
  • a positive internal interpersonal dynamic

We create the ability to manage forward by creating ongoing organizational performance data that is parallel in importance to financial, product, and sales data. This data identifies bottlenecks and pain points and creates a clear way to manage in current and future conditions

The following are the components of the Team Alignment System.

  • Measuring Team Effectiveness. We create performance data that spotlights organizational issues and opportunities through 360-degree assessments on both individual leaders and entire
  • Getting to Team Alignment through Individual Game Plans and Group Sessions. Delta creates individual 360-degree assessment data reports and reviews them individually with each 360 Each person develops a Game Plan that creates an accountability loop between their 360 feedback and their actions, behaviors and priorities moving forward. At this point Delta professionals facilitate an alignment session in which leaders present their game plans that identify and solve individual issues and create alignment in the team.
  • Reinforcing 360 Feedback through Executive Coaching. Key leaders receive transformational leadership coaching through Delta professional coaches and perform at exponentially higher levels as individuals, managers, and team members.
  • Moving Forward to the Future. Delta works with organizations to align all teams behind organizational goals and business results, to re-shape the future through organizational structure and to secure growth, scale and success through succession and sustainability planning and execution.

In order to achieve greater results while reducing costs through the Delta Team Alignment System, contact us for new insights and ways forward.

Carol Kallendorf, PhD

Jack Speer

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

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