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We’ve been talking to a lot of people who were living in an entirely different universe just two short weeks ago. 

So where do we go from here?

There was an office here before this.   It was our daily main street–with people, groups, food and beverage. 

When you walked in the door, you got a sense of the temperature of the people in the room. You absorbed the dynamics of the team environment.

The change has been abrupt, jaw dropping, unbelievable–and not one of us has processed it completely.

At the same time, people like you are incredibly resilient and adaptable.  You are moving forward. 

Your team has the technology to work remotely–you’re connecting by texts, emails, collaborative work platforms, and videoconferencing. 

You’re doing online staff meetings and all hands meetings via Zoom or other platform.   Some teams are doing online cocktail parties and meet ups.

You’re Doing a Great Job of Building a Virtual Team–but What’s the Piece Missing? 

But what about a common unifying, solidifying experience that engages your team?  That’s the missing piece.  You have to find a real way to get people to connect from their home offices to a shared experience.

In this Moment–Take a Look at the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI(RT)) for Remote Teams

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI(RT)) is a great way to create a common experience together for remote teams.

How do you connect your team  in a meaningful, impactful way?  How do they share a common experience that bonds them together–something that, even though they’re remote, they do together–that’s important for work and the rest of their lives?

How Do You Engage Distracted, Worried Team Members?–Begin the Conversation with Them

Carol Kallendorf, PhD, founder of Delta Associates, Inc., and I discovered how to get people immediately bonded, connected and using a shared experience through MBTI during some challenging times. 

We needed to get everyone together on the same page, but people were distracted by an economic crisis and businesses going down everywhere.  People didn’t want to concentrate on the team as a group–they were just trying to keep themselves afloat.

Why Don’t You Begin With Me?–Then I’d Engage With You

So we said, ” Let’s begin with what’s most important–ourselves.”  Let’s enable a group to go through the basic questions of their lives in a single session–how can I best understand myself?  How can I present myself to others?  How can I relate to them?

So we created and learned to present MBTI in a powerful way to create a pivotal moment in business and life through personality type–how we move through life and how that affects the other members of our team. 

Here’s how your team can experience this journey:

  1. Take the MBTI online at the Delta website–it takes about 20 minutes.
  2. Receive a detailed MBTI report about the essential you–it will immediately reveal to you all the things you’ve most wanted to know about yourself. 
  3. Experience a one-hour debriefing from a Senior Executive Coach who will help you help you develop your game plan to thrive in the new virtual, digital world.  You’ll find a path to the best way to present yourself, how to interact best with others, how to handle conflict.
  4. All the other members of your team will experience the same journey that you have experienced and will be excited and want to share it with the team.
  5. Schedule a virtual off-site for the MBTI session for a team building/bonding session.   Delta Associates is the most able organization to create an impactful virtual offsite through a videoconferencing platform.  There will be opportunities for dialogue, exercises and interaction.  It will be better than being there.  And we will record the session for future use and send it to participants.

Working from Home or Working Together?–Building a Powerful Virtual Team

When you think about it, we’ve been working remotely all along, in bursts, for decades.  In fact, we find we’re just about as productive at home as we are in the office.  We’re handling the same stream of texts, emails and documents that always come to us wherever we are.

In unprecedented times like these, creating maximum effectiveness for teams while in a cost-containment mode is of paramount importance.  How do you build a virtual team that works for the long run–it’s undeniable that teams must work as a cohesive group.

The need for off sites to develop relationships and to commit to common goals can be achieved by virtual off sites using powerful tools like MBTI, the exploration of ourselves and our relationships with others.

An MBTI Session is Incredibly Affordable

A virtual off-site can be done for a fraction of the price of a traditional off-site, which involves moving people to a central location with costs of food, transportation and lodging.   With a virtual off-site, hard costs are close to none.  The quality of the virtual event gets high marks from participants.

Let’s begin the conversation about making virtual events work.  Please give us your feedback.  We’re moving through this experience together.  Let us help.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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