What is the ESTP Personality?

ESTP’s fit the Japanese metaphor of water. They have the ability to be still or flow depending on the terrain—they respond to the changing environment around them. When the environment allows, they can be a mighty force, crashing through mountain passes and altering the terrain around them.

ESTP’s are often poised and display a flair for style. They observe the environment outside themselves and create fun and enthusiasm in those around them.

Most ESTP’s are not as flamboyant Donald Trump, but they exhibit a flair for style. They enjoy the pleasures of life–friends, exciting experiences, good food but are not usually about self-indulgence. As performers, they know read people and situations accurately.

They enjoy the good life and are quite unashamed of loving clothes, cars, food, interesting people, and exciting outdoor experiences. They are often surrounded by clever people in great settings.

ESTP’s as Team Members

ESTP’s often have good senses of humor and a clever wit. They are active problem-solvers and often display their best talents in moments of crisis. They are adept at sizing up situations and working with what is immediately at hand to produce ingenious results.

ESTP’s often disdain formal study and study and theory and want to work in the here and now. When cornered, they will find a way to succeed and excel. ESTP’s are more concerned with the desired outcomes than with inflexible rules.

ESTP’s are natural troubleshooters and entrepreneurs and turn-around artists. They deal well with difficult situations where wit and ingenuity is required. That might be in a manufacturing situation where a seemingly impossible deadline is looming with huge obstacles to its accomplishment. ESTP’s are effective at negotiating difficult standoffs

What are ESTP Issues and Challenges in Groups/Best Alliances?

In organizations where details and minute, repetitious tasks are required, the ESTP may become bored and disconnected. They are not apt to stay long in situations that are void of energy and interest. The ESTP will do well to ally with those who are motivated by the ESTP’s style and improvisational ability and yet are willing to take on the day-to-day detail.

Bruce Willis (ESTP), is an American actor and producer. His career began in television in the 1980s and has continued both in television and film since, including comedic, dramatic, and action roles. Motion pictures featuring Willis have grossed US$ 2.55 to 3.05 billion at North American box offices, making him the seventh highest-grossing actor in a leading role.

When the ESTP becomes able to form these alliances, they can contribute their best talents through experiencing and solving issues as they arise.

ESTP’s and the Rest of Their Lives

ESTP’s create forward momentum and fun. They often fearlessly enjoy outdoor physical sports like motorcycles, skydiving, and mountain climbing. They are likely to cut a wide swath through restaurants where there is good food and service.

ESTP life partners will do well to love the kind of life action that attracts ESTP’s. They are unlikely to get the ESTP partner to accept a lifestyle of routine and an environment with great structure.

ESTP Fast Facts


ESTP’s have a natural ability to act, using the military phrase, according to the situation on the ground—they move effectively and decisively in the moment. ESTP’s have a natural ability to “read people.” They enjoy life and what it has to offer. Sometimes erroneously portrayed as good time people living for the moment, our experience shows them to be extremely conscientious in their commitments both at home and on the job. They are great in communication and public relations jobs, as well as sales, and roles that interface with the public.


ESTP’s are not theoretical or educationally oriented. Within organizations they often have challenges with planning and updates.




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