What is the ENFJ Personality?

The ENFJ is one of the types most attuned to people and groups.

As moderators, facilitators, and trainers, the ENFJ has a finely tuned ‘sixth sense’ of the motivations and concerns of a group. They have the ability to form the group into a working unit in any type of setting. The group may begin as hostile and dysfunctional, yet the ENFJ quickly uses their sense of empathy to work with them on their emotional needs and concerns.

Nelson Mandela, (1918-2013), fought against apartheid in South Africa all of this life. Educated as a lawyer, Mandela led protests against the government and was imprisoned in 1963, not released until 1990 when he subsequently was elected president of South Africa. Mandela models the personality type of ENFJ because he was relentlessly dedicated to friend and foe alike, a picture of toughness and acceptance.

They have easy and natural ways to give people their approval and find it natural that others approve of them and follow their lead. They are masters in gaining cooperation. They see connections between people in ways that few others do.

Oprah Winfrey, ENFJ television talk show host, publisher and philanthropist, may be one of the most famous ENFJ’s in the world. Her ability to facilitate a large audience and connect with guests and a vast television audience has made her one of the most well-liked and respected people in America.

ENFJ’s as Team Members

They want to learn and have a passion to help others achieve their true potential. They see their mission as making a better world where they live. They can grow quite impatient with people and groups who do not value personal development. They are very skilled at teaching and coaching others.t everyone’s contribution will be recognized.

The ENFJ can find a group that is hostile or indifferent and lead them to agreements or to some key knowledge and understanding that makes them more effective. ENFJ;s are supportive and see good in other people who are draw to their radiating warmth and their ability to create energy in groups.

People tend naturally to trust ENFJ’s as being the people to gather and interpret the thoughts and ideas of the group in such a way that ENFJ’s can create a fun and life-fulfilling experience out of a dull or hostile meeting. They have a strong sense of personal values based on people that they are able to skillfully coax groups to better performance and alignment.

ENFJ’s are one the most competent and detail oriented of types when it comes to organizing projects. They give great attention to every detail. They are often brilliant in understanding, cataloging and interpreting data and facts.

If some aspect of a project seems unpleasant to them, they will nonetheless complete it. They may hint when they want help, rather than ask directly. ENFJ’s love harmonious groups and can become deeply turned off by one-on-one conflict.

They can see a messy conflict as demoralizing and unnecessary. They may want to use their skills to create harmony where conflict is legitimate. ENFJ’s, when they value relationships in a group, can project on a situation that it is better than it really is when others might see deep issues. They often see the analysis of a legitimate problem as a sign of too much negativity. They can be “thin-skinned” and can feel attacked by the bluntness of others.

ENFJ’s can be more tactical than strategic and can become bored when discussing broader issues. ENFJ’s can do well to ally themselves with those types who will engage in the kinds of conflict that bring resolution, while contributing their gift of keeping the group together on an even course.

ENFJ’s and the Rest of Their Lives

ENFJ’s are loyal and sensitive people who value and maintain good relationships. They are individuals who understand the limitations of others and do not dwell on them.

Because they value harmony, they can believe situations and people to be better than they are and can be taken advantage of by people who do not deserve their trust. Once the ENFJ sees that trust is broken, however, it can be difficult to gain it back. The ENFJ may tend to see the person not only as someone who has wronged them, but someone who is flawed.

ENFJ’s can make extraordinary spouses, friends, and life partners. They nourish and support their children and will always create an enriching environment for those around them.

ENFJ Fast Facts


Great teachers and facilitators, who bring about consensus, passionate about personal development and helping others. Excellent at details.


Can be thin-skinned, defensive, avoiding conflict.


2.5 percent of the population.


Teacher, Professor, corporate trainer, administrator.

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