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Austin Chief of Police Art Acevedo to MC Dream Come True “Raise the Hope!”

 Austin Chief of Police Art Acevedo to be Master of Ceremonies at “Raise the Hope!”,Dream Come True Foundation Fundraiser/Auction, Allan House, 1104 San Antonio Street, September 19th, 2013

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo will be the master of ceremonies for “Raise the Hope!,” a fundraiser for the Austin-based Dream Come True Foundation.  The event will be held at the Allan House, 1104 San Antonio Street September 19th, 2013, beginning at 6:00 pm, with the program beginning at 7:00 pm.  Acevedo, often referred to as “Austin’s top cop,” is not only a nationally known leader in law enforcement, but also as a personality who has the wit and presentation skills of a professional speaker and presenter.

Chief Acevedo has long successfully led youth development initiatives that effectively give young people the tools of hope, having participated in Austin’s Operation Blue Santa and a variety of local youth activities and charities.

“We are extremely excited to have Chief Acevedo as our Master of Ceremonies,” said Dr. Carol Kallendorf, president of the Dream Come True Foundation.  “Chief Acevedo embodies the strength and compassion of those who know how people escape poverty to a live a life of achievement and service.”

The Dream Come True Foundation is a unique Austin organization that works as a “talent scout,” finding resilient young people who have been raised in the most difficult of circumstances, but are on “the edge of success.”  Living in the back seats of cars, sometimes homeless, often shuttled through Child Protective Services, they have the inner drive to seek a successful life and have bootstrapped themselves by taking steps to get education and to move out of the cycle of poverty into a new world of possibility.

Dream Come True funds and mentors young people to whom life has dealt a difficult hand.  We mentor them, send them to school, and get them set up in a job.  Visit  and see the number of nurses, social workers, and people studying law and engineering—a true story of the success of hope made real.

Art Acevedo, who has been chief of police in Austin for 7 years [verify,] could have been a Dream Come True recipient himself.  According to an interview in Austin Man, he still has the memories of difficult times as a child in Cuba before immigrating to the U.S. “When you remember being a little kid and not having milk and your mother giving you sugar and water as a nutrient, and you remember your mom not being able to eat because there wasn’t enough food for everyone, you’re raised with a different perspective,” Acevedo recounts.

Successful Dream Come True recipients will be present to speak and meet many of their generous contributors.

The Tim Curry Trio will perform.  Tim Curry has performed in the popular play, “A Ride With Bob,” with Grammy-winning Asleep at the Wheel, with Ray Benson.  Tickets to the event are $50 each, which includes dinner, entertainment and silent auction with unique local items.  The Dream Come True Foundation is sponsored by Delta, Inc. and Tarrytown United Methodist Church 

For More information, contact

Jack Speer

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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