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What’s 2020 all about for you?  As we’re just about to complete the second decade of the 21st Century, how do we develop a clear 2020 vision for the organizations we spend a big chunk of our lives working for?

Each year Carol and I get together to spend some time asking ourselves,

“Why are we doing this anyway?  What does this all mean?” 

We’d like to share a few thoughts with you, which we hope will motivate you to spend an hour in a quiet place and ask yourself why you do what you do?

Here are our thoughts for you, wishing you a great 2020.  And we’d love to hear what your 2020 insights are….just email me at

Enjoy Your World–it’s Amazing!  It’s popular today for many to see the world as one meaningless crisis after another with no real point to it all.  With challenges every day, it would be possible for all of us to see the world in this way.  But each day when I wake up in a warm home with more abundance than we can deal with, I’m amazed!  When I think about being safe, upheld by police, firefighters, and military, I’m astounded by our good fortune.  When we walk out of the front door of our house on our way to the gym, we are amazed at the strength that allows us the ability to exercise and enjoy good health.  When I see the sunrise over Lady Bird Lake  here in Austin, Texas, I know that moment has made the day worthwhile.

Produce a product/service you care about that will change the world.  Carol and I knew long ago that there were easier ways of making a living than presenting our 360 Alignment System to organizations.  But after decades,  it continues to be worthwhile and satisfying to see organizations flourish.   As you see your organization producing goods and services that change the world, your day becomes more meaningful. 

Engage in Community.  Carol and I believe that organizations are the engines of building a better world in the communities around them.   That’s why we began the Dream Come True Foundation 15 years ago, to bring people trapped in intergenerational poverty to high 5-figure employment in about two years.  Thousands of people have joined with us, and our work has added meaning to our lives.

Believe in Something Bigger than Yourself.  There is no doubt that life by itself has the ability to remind us that  we are powerless by ourselves to deal with the forces around us that are greater than any of our abilities.  A friend several years ago told me that his business had experienced three near death experiences.  This is also true of many if not most of us personally.  What we believe in may be just reaching into ourselves and drawing out the best of ourselves.  It may be reaching out to the community around us.  Our belief may be in a Power greater than ourselves.   The challenges of life are way too difficult to go it alone.  We need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. 

Explore the Fusion of Science and the Soul.  We live in a world of science and technology where we have experienced the greatest human progress in the last 30 years of any period of human history.  In my handheld device I have the potential to contact any person on the planet and to find any knowledge known to man.  The wondrous ability of the human brain to capture the knowledge of an endless universe motivates us to reach out as far as we can and to reach inward into what it all means to us–to explore the fusion of science and the soul.

Find a Purpose and Follow it.  Life is much more than a financial model as it is often portrayed–we find the model of “work, save, and quit” a pretty unappealing way to lead a life.  Certainly gaining financial security is important, but greater than that, what is my purpose?  What is my life’s work and mission?  Finding and following a purpose in life is a much greater factor than whether my bank account is flush or what’s going on around me.  We believe that in the end the important thing is that we’re all in this together–let’s be there to help and support each other. 

Happy New Year!  Carol and Jack

Austin, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carol Kallendorf, PhD. | (512) 417-9756 

Jack Speer | (512) 417-9428


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