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Test Drive Your Success

Posted on 09/24/2018 in 360 Degree Assesssment, Featured Articles by Jack Speer

In this Tuesday Report, I’m really asking for your help and a few very short minutes of your time.

Please help me with the question, “How to you create metrics around success as a professional in organizations?  How do you assess if you or people close to you are on the track to a career that will offer more opportunity?”

Based on 25 years in working with senior managers, teams and individual contributors, Carol Kallendorf, PhD and I have developed a short, fun interesting assessment called

Please take this assessment, which will help us a great deal.
It takes about two minutes.

I know that many of you who read the Tuesday Report are experts in creating an environment of success. I’d really like to ask you this favor. I’d like you to take this assessment, which literally takes about 2 minutes to complete. I’d very much appreciate your evaluation on the following questions and let me know what you think to:

Jack Speer

Please let me know if you agree with the success driver categories,

  1. Do I have what it takes?
  2. Can I connect with people?
  3. Can I lead?

Also, please give me your reaction to the functionality of the assessment and the appeal of the display.

I’m also including the questions that support the success categories, and I’d like any reaction you might have to them.

1. Do I have what it takes?

My inner drive pushes me to succeed
I power through to achieve outcomes despite obstacles
I bounce back from setbacks
Give me a hint and I’ll figure out the rest
I take charge of my career by continually learning and applying new skills

2. Can I connect with people?

I help people succeed
I consistently build my network
I keep working on relationships even when it’s difficult
I’m consistent and genuine in how I relate to people
I listen to understand what people say

3. Can I lead?

I align my team behind goals
I recruit people with great talent and strong character.
I inspire people to achieve shared goals
I make sure team members understand their roles
I successfully lead people through both success and failure

The Test Drive Your Success Assessment is a mini-introduction our proprietary 360-degree assessments that we do for organizations world wide. Our goal is to become interested in understanding our skillset in organizations and how we can move forward in our organizations and careers.

Thanks so much for your help! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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