Executive Coaching is now the preferred tool to help executives and top managers develop critically important skills, improve their performance and overcome limitations. Executive coaching is a far more efficient process than traditional training. 

Train Like an Athlete

Executive Coaching, once the last hope of managers on the bubble, has now become a mainstream tool in organizations for executives who want to build solid skills for a career on the rise. Over 50% of top companies today utilize executive coaching.

This is not surprising given the complexity of the organizational world today and the need for executives to grow and develop quickly. “Instead of being a fix-it tool,” says business columnist Jim Bolt in FastTrack, “executive coaching says that the person being coached is of value to the organization.”

The Right Coach Is the Key

The most challenging aspect is finding a consulting firm with professionals who get results and have credibility. Executive coaches must be academically qualified and experienced at the highest organizational level. They must help the executive utilize and enhance his or her own skills and style. They must have a deep understanding of the environment in which the executive is working and coach them in relationship to that environment.

Our Methodology:

Connect with the Executive. We quickly establish trust and confidence with the executive, clarifying their goals and challenges. We establish the motivation of the person being coached, what they want to accomplish and why.

We Help Executives Understand Themselves Through Academic Assessments. Personal assessments are the video replay of performance. MBTI Step II tells us how our approach to relationships in the workplace will reflect who were are and how we play with other people. FIRO-B will indicate how people will relate to us. We use assessments to determine how comfortable people are with conflict and how they like to make decisions. Our assessments provide a useful profile of how executives play the game, and they empower clients to use their best skills and abilities.

We Establish the Goals and Agenda. Executives have many distinct personal goals that will advance their careers or derail them. A fundamental issue faced by many rising executives is that they gained their roles through professional competency but lack the political acumen and interpersonal skills to gain support from colleagues. They may lack self-awareness, the ability to express themselves compellingly, or the ability to exercise influence. We define coaching goals with the executive and track our progress closely.

Contact us to discuss executive training in your organization. If our coaching improves the effectiveness of your key executives by just 5% . . . or enables just one executive to solve a major performance problem, your return-on-investment will be many times over.