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Organizational Culture Change

Posted on 01/23/2017 in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Enables Organizations to Navigate the Unseen Rocks, Reefs and Shore Lines of Organizations

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Delta Associates, Inc. helps organizations manage cultural change.  Few organizations understand how to tap the power of their culture—or how to keep from being defeated by it.  Organizational culture is one of the most significant factors in the way organizations function—how they move forward or not.  It is all too often not understood–from the executive offices to human resources.

Organizational culture is the complex interrelationship of what’s important, unwritten rules, the likely and unlikely people who in the end up influencing critical decisions, what’s possible and what’s not.

Culture is as real and powerful as the microbes that inhabit our human bodies—and just as invisible to the naked eye.   The capacity to manage culture is one of the most important and least understood components of organizational leadership.

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”    Frequently new management teams with new investors move in and decimate an organization with an iron determination to impose their wills, ways, and strategies, only to find out the hard way that money, power, and determination cannot break the power of culture.

Sometimes management teams move in with an enlightened approach, open to empowering different corporate cultures, yet failing because empathy does not trump understanding and the technical ability to meld cultures.

When two or more organizations are joined by mergers and acquisitions, all too often the best of each is lost and many of their worst traits remain unchanged.  The hope of synergy between them turns into weakness and slows forward momentum.  It takes technical skills and knowledge of organizations to tap the power of culture and avert the disaster of failing to understand it.

Delta, Associates, Inc. has a structured process for culture change that incorporates extensive interviews from the C-suite to the front line, assessments and facilitated sessions.  This process, along with our extensive knowledge of culture, change, and how organizations achieve outcomes, enables us to assist clients in successfully evolving their culture in desired directions.

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