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The Delta 360-Degree Assessment

Posted on 01/23/2017 in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Catapults Executive Careers, a Gamechanger for Teams

In order to move up to the next level of leadership ability, skill and agility, you need the power of feedback from those around you—you need the Delta 360 and its companion, the Delta Team 360.

The powerful effect of the Delta 360 has made it one of the key tools for top-tier organizational leadership. It provides a structured way for leaders to assess themselves and to get the assessment of those around them.

  1. The fact is that organizations thrive and survive based on the quality of their leadership, and . . .
  2. The best source of insight about leadership is found in the people who work in the organization, organized in the Delta 360.

Delta’s proprietary platform allows us to quickly build and deploy a completely customized online 360-degree feedback tool that taps into the full circle of insights—yourself, your boss, your direct reports, and your peers. We also provide interview-based 360s that provide rich qualitative data about leadership and performance.

Our 360 allows participants, many of whom have been successful because of their technical competence, to immediately create a Game Plan to improve their leadership skills and performance.

As the 360 data is shows patterns, insights, and strategies that revolutionize team efforts. It clearly identifies gaps in the team’s abilities and names the unnamed “elephants in the room.” It is a key factor in putting together a coherent, coordinated leadership team.

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