Delta Associates’ Team 360-degree feedback tool brings the proven power of 360-degree feedback, which has become a mainstay for individual managers and executives, to teams, enabling them to see how their internal customers view their performance and how that compares to the team’s self-assessment. Contact us at 512 -498-9780 or to discuss how it works and what the team360 can do for your organization.

Team 360—a New Concept in 360 Feedback

360-degree feedback–getting real data on how your view of your own performance compares to what your boss, peers and employees think about your performance–is an essential tool for individual professional development in many organizations.

But how are your teams perceived by the people, teams and departments they impact ? And how does that track with each team’s perception of its own performance? A team may think their processes are crisp and friendly . . . but their customers may find those processes cumbersome and intimidating. A team may see themselves as quick and responsive . . . others in the organization may beg to differ. A team may value the critical thinking skills of team members. . . but others may find those same team members difficult and obstructionist. A team may think it delivers high value to the organization . . . but the executive team may consider that team to be marginally important and way too much trouble to deal with.

Our Team 360 Identifies Real Strengths . . . and Real Problems

Delta Associates offers a rigorous Team 360-Feedback assessment to provide this type of in-depth performance feedback to teams. It pinpoints a team’s strengths and nails their blindspots and weaknesses. It clearly shows if they are doing a better job for some stakeholders than for others. It offers up stunning insights into how they are viewed in the C-suite. Our team 360-degree feedback tool is customized to reflect the realities of your organization and industry. It can also be customized to gather the perceptions of external customers as well as internal stakeholders.

The team 360 is administered online and includes both scaled items and open-ended comments to give you in-depth quantitative and qualitative data. This cutting edge approach to team effectiveness enables you to create a team development process that is data-driven and cuts to the core of each team’s performance, its reputation and its significance to the organization. The team 360-degree feedback tool shows you real opportunities to leverage . . . and real problems to fix.