Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the single tool that can do the most to cut the enormous cost of wasted effort and miscommunication in teams. But you will only realize the power of MBTI if it is skillfully administered with a clear focus on the challenges and desired outcomes. 

The number one productivity drain: poor communication

What derails teams faster than anything else? Communication. Or more specifically:

  • poor communication
  • slow communication
  • misunderstood communication
  • seemingly disrespectful communication
  • indirect communication
  • imprecise communication
  • unproductively confrontational communication—and on and on.

Suddenly, work that should be easy – becomes hard. Issues that should be straight-forward are murky. Team members walk on eggshells.

Trust and respect are eroded, communication is shut down, time is wasted, productivity and creativity both suffer – and nobody’s having much fun.

MBTI is the single most powerful tool to align a team, create clear communication channels, minimize costly miscommunication and reduce the background noise that saps energy from a team.

MBTI – a practical tool for even the most analytical

Maybe you’re thinking MBTI is too “touchy-feely” for your team of hard-nosed analyticals and skeptics. Bring ‘em on! MBTI—when skillfully presented—resonates particularly with people who are highly analytical, because it presents a true technology for understanding human interaction.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Been there; done that. My team ‘did’ MBTI already.” There’s a world of difference between a superficial introduction to MBTI and our approach, which makes MBTI a tool that your team will use on a daily basis. Whether this is your team’s first exposure to MBTI – or whether they have experienced MBTI in the past – we will introduce concrete, practical applications that will change your team forever for the better.

Your business objectives come first

We customize every MBTI Team Development program to the particular needs and opportunities of that team in that organization. We can: change management, enhance decision making, improving conflict management, and fully engaging team members.

We administer the MBTI online, using the MBTI Step II to provide rich detail on each team member’s personality type. We also provide analyses of the team’s MBTI profile.


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