Teams are the foundation for how work gets done in most organizations today. Yet few organizations have a disciplined process for building effective teams and maintaining high-level performance. As a result, effectiveness is left to chance and relegated to occasional one-time “events” that rarely deliver lasting results. 


Teams in businesses are a lot like sports teams. You can’t win by filling positions. You hire stars who can score- who can take your organization to the top and beat the competition.

But even a team full of star players won’t deliver top results unless they can combine their talents. And that requires learning effective hand-offs, good communication, innovative strategy, and the ability to think and act together.

Delta Associates has a disciplined process for turning high potential teams into high performing teams. We don’t do cute tricks, like hoisting people into the air. Instead we follow a process that works and that lasts:

  • Create a sense of shared fate. Basketball teams don’t have one winner and four losers, and neither do business teams. The team wins or loses, even individual performances were outstanding or lousy. Our first step is to help a team understand what’s on the line- win or lose.
  • Get a picture of reality. We use scientifically validated assessments, interviews and team analysis to create a reality-based picture of the team, its strengths, its limitations, and its challenges. A few assessments we use are the MBTI, FIRO-B, and 360-Degree, all of which help paint a picture of how the team currently functions and how it can achieve its full potential.
  • Write the playbook. We work with teams to establish roles, create operating agreements, define interdependencies, and establish who owns what responsibilities and who needs to know what information and when.
  • Watch the “tapes.” Any successful sports team reviews its performance. We guide business teams through that same process to review and analyze successes and failures and learn from both.

Our work with teams is not a one-time day-long event. Nor is it lifetime employment for Delta Associates. Instead it is a process with a beginning and an end. We work with you on a defined scope of services that we develop collaboratively with you to equip your team with the skills it needs for success for the long-term.

The Delta process brings a systematic approach to team performance with a focus on ongoing results and effectiveness. Contact us at 512-498-9780 or to discuss our process for building and sustaining high performance teams.