Teams are the engines of work today—at the executive level, project level and every level in between.

Stop the frustration of poor performance

Most organizations do not take a systematic and analytical approach to ensure top performance from their teams. As a result, too many executive teams are more siloed than aligned, too many functional teams operate like traditional “command-and-control” departments, and too many project teams waste valuable time in communications gone awry, needless confusion and unproductive conflict.

“It makes no more sense to leave the success of your teams to chance than to hire top athletes and just ‘see what happens’ when they step onto the field together.”

Getting things done – together

Delta Associates provides comprehensive services to help your team performance. We work with executive teams to align them behind a well considered strategy. We work with functional teams and project teams to wring every penny of wasted time and effort out of the team process. And we equip team leaders with the skills they need to succeed at the challenging task of leading teams that need to perform at the highest level and to get to that level quickly.

Team Alignment and Strategy

Who’s the real leader in your organization? Do they have the tools they need to lead, or are ineffective or inefficient managers the ones who get the power and influence? Team alignment means better results and happier, more effective employees.

Building and Sustaining High-Performance Teams

Team effectiveness and performance is dependent on many factors, that require learning effective hand-offs, good communication, innovative strategy, and the ability to think and act together.

Developing Team Leaders

How do people get chosen to lead teams? Is it based on skills, experience, or politics? Are your team leaders pulling people apart, instead of bringing them together? With proven coaching and assessments, team leaders can be groomed and improved to make the most out of their teams.

MBTI for Teams

Work that should be easy, becomes hard. Straightforward solutions become murky. Simple messages turn into a minefield of politics. Sound familiar? This is due to poor communication. By learning their communication styles, a team can move past the quagmire and start getting things done.

Delta Associates offers comprehensive tools to ensure your teams perform at their highest levels and that team leaders know how to succeed in their role. Call (512)-498-9780 or contact us to find out more: SEND US AN EMAIL