As in Professional Sports, You Need “Instant Replay” to Understand How to Improve Your Performance

Marissa Mayer and executive performance assesmentFew senior executives have the insight and data to really self-correct. If you only depend on yourself for evaluation, you’ll become more isolated and out of touch.

When you’re part of the tiny sliver of people in senior management, you quickly find your advisors are few, and often of limited value. Most people who evaluate your performance help you in some way, but few have the experience, time, or ability to really coach you.

Experience “Instant Replay” for Executives

In sports, one of the keys to improving performance is “instant replay,” which not only tells a player they missed a block or overthrew the ball, but it shows just how their body moved when they did it. Scientifically validated and reliable assessments give you accurate data and metrics about your own performance. Executive assessments give the kind of accurate feedback on performance that instant replay gives to athletes.

Our Executive Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Tells you about the hardwiring of your personality, your approach to life and work, and how you best work with others.

FIRO-B: This assessment is a measure of emotional intelligence, how you support those around you and how you can limit their support of your goals and aims. It enables us to chart goals for your own improvement of interpersonal relationships.

CPI 260: A comprehensive assessment of how you stack up as a leader.

New! 360-Degree Assessment: The most powerful application of our tools in a turnkey format.

All of these assessments are combined with debriefings by Delta Associates professionals.