It’s a familiar story…

We’ve all seen it:

An executive everyone had the highest hopes for – who goes down in flames.

The executive who excels on the metrics – but doesn’t know his or her organization is about to mutiny.

A fantastic executive – who has a few annoying habits that seriously detract from performance.

The executive who avoids conflict… the one who is tactically proficient but fails to articulate a strategic vision… the executive who leads other executives well but alienates the rank and file… the one who is overly political… the other who is politically tone-deaf.

The cost of these executive-level performance issues is huge for the entire organization: lost opportunity, wasted money and time, unwanted turnover, lost productivity and often a derailed career.

… with an avoidable ending.

All of this is often avoidable and fixable, with valid and timely feedback from every vantage point of the organization. 360-degree feedback has become a standard tool to give executives and managers have a clear idea how they are doing—from all perspectives.

Our executive-level 360-degree feedback provides the type of substantive data that executives listen to, respect, value and act upon from their direct reports, peers, bosses, Board members—even customers or other external stakeholders.

Online Executive 360 Feedback

We offer online executive 360-degree feedback tools, with exceptional statistical validity and reliability and competencies that are appropriate for most organizations. Need more? We can customize these tools for your unique organization (most companies choose to customize).

Interview 360 Feedback

We also offer interview-based executive 360-degree feedback. In this process, we gather the insights of direct reports, peers, bosses, and other groups through in-depth, structured interviews and compare that to your own perspective. We provide a detailed narrative report, and when combined with executive coaching, provide an even higher level of improvement.

For serious players only: combine the Online and Interview 360

Many clients choose to combine the online 360 with interviews to give each executive extensive quantitative feedback and analysis, as well as the qualitative context that can only come from interviews.


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