You’ve probably heard about it by now, if you haven’t seen it. Perhaps you’ve seen people walking around in the dusk hours, and noticed scores of people, wandering perhaps in twos and threes, phones in hands and looking curiously around their surroundings. Who are they, you might have wondered, and what are they doing?

They’re playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an interactive, virtual reality based game, typically played on mobile phones, where players use their phone to search, find and “capture” characters (called Pokemon) on the game, who appear on the screen as if they are in the same place in real life.. Though “Raichu,” “Lapras,” and “Flareon” might sound like nonsense words to you, they are the names of some of the 100+ Pokemon Go characters that players wander around the city- your city, likely- to find and “capture” on their phone.

Whether you’ve played it for hours already- or you’re just wanting to know what the fuss is about- we can take some lessons from the success of Pokemon Go to be come better leaders.

So- what can Pokemon Go teach you about how to better run your organization?

1. Different people see the world differently.

Individuals see the world differently. Pokemon Go is an obvious demonstration of people interacting within the same environment , but acting and reacting completely differently. Non Pokemon Go players are attending to life as it is- Pokemon players, on the other hand, are seeing, making connections, and interacting with a different world.

At Delta, we see this expressed in organizations in many ways. Every day, we work with leaders to help them better understand how differently their team members might see the world from each other. We use tools like the Myers Brigg Type Instrument to give leaders, managers, and team members a framework for better understanding how two people can seemingly be in the same work space, but be noticing and interacting with the world completely differently. The difference between how Sensors and Intuitives take in and process information about world them has almost as big a gap as between how Pokemon Go Players interact in an environment vs everyone else. By being able to help leaders understand what people are seeing- and, what they are not- empowers the leaders to be more effective and build a stronger team.

2. Different things motivate different people, at different times.

The common misconception in business- and life- is that people are motivated by the same things, and motivated consistently by the same things over time. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In Pokemon Go, players are looking for different characters at different times.

In business, leaders underestimate and devalue their people by assuming everyone just wants more money. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Even more so, the same reward actually motivates people for different reasons. A financial reward might mean clout or the ability to buy flashy toys to one person, but to another its an instrument to better support and provide for their friends and family. As a tool, MBTI can help leaders to better understand what makes their people tick, and what they need from their environment to excel and grow. At Delta, we used the MBTI to help leaders better manage, lead, motivate their teams by understanding what each type is looking for and needing in a situation.

3. Make the goals and rewards clear, and help them find their way to it.

The power of Pokemon Go is the flexibility and autonomy people have to find the things they’re looking for. The GPS features allows players to chart their own course to achieve their goals- by choosing which Pokemon character is around them that they want to go after.

People are most motivated when they’re clear on the goal, and empowered to achieve it. In our work in building high performance teams, we help teams get clear on what needs to get done, as well as helping the teams get aligned to achieve them. Delta Organizational Audits help leaders identify what is working, and what is not- as well as what goals and rewards need to be reevaluated and reestablished. We align executive team members by helping them develop goals that are important enough to each member of the team. This process unleashes the potential, creativity and ingenuity of a team- and an organization- from the ground up.

So, whether or not you decide to download the Pokemon Go game- these three truths will help you to better lead your organization.

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