Organizational Audits Help You See the Flames – Before They Burn the Company

Little understanding what works or doesn’t work based on the way it is designed.

Tackling problems as they come up  and dealing with single issues.

Customers getting lost and never found.

Emails sent to employees worldwide about procedures, but nothing changes.

Someone within or without the organization understands the problem and could fix it quickly, but there is as little likelihood they’ll be heard.

Sound familiar?


Turning “Ad Hocracy” into Strategy

If there is a huge body of intractable problems, you need a broad organizational audit to surface the critical organization-killing issues and fix them.

Cascading problems and issues come in rapid-fire succession and suddenly engulf everything. These issues become so numerous, complex and fast developing that they take on a life of their own and become a virtual title wave. In these cases, day-to-day executive decisions can’t be rapid enough to solve the issues.

Organizations need a general systems and culture audit in a very short timeframe in order to produce the full picture of how issues arise and spread through organizations so that they can be solved.

An audit process is a guide to  the complex processes of what’s working and what’s not – and what will be likely to sink the organization if it is not solved. If you only audit your finances, the lack of an organizational audit will still sink you as fast as a cash flow crisis.


The Delta Associates Approach

  • Connecting with senior management/executives. We connect personally with them to learn their strategy, and management style. We begin by understanding the organization from the viewpoint of senior management, and are counselors and advisors to executives at the highest level.
  • Understanding the organization from the inside out. We develop an understanding of the organization based on its internal documentation, its external perception, and the fundamental dashboard used to measure success.
  • Assembling the audit team. An audit is a fact-based, problem-solving study of the organization’s system and culture. What comes out is actionable recommendations that allows senior management to identify how to solve critical organizational issues. Our audit team leaders are Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D. and Jack Speer, and members include organizational development experts, systems analysts, accountants, organizational researchers, executive coaches, and team facilitators.
  • Developing the organizational analysis. In medical terms, an organizational analysis is the diagnosis. A mistaken diagnosis in a serious medical issue can mean very serious consequences. Delta Associates’ basic expertise, product, and service is our ability to diagnose organizations accurately. 
  • Facilitation and implementation. We produce data for a successful initiative in the organization that produces a high performance organization in the areas that are critical to success. We will do this through one-on-one debriefings with senior management, facilitated sessions, and communications to the organization.