The Delta Associates Interactive Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Table is one of the most useful tools available today for making MBTI Type a part of your professional and personal life.

Click on any type for a full description of that type. These type descriptions were developed based on 20 years of interaction with each of the types through our work in organizations.

You’ll also see our new FastFacts type feature summary on each page, which will give you the basic characteristics of each type.

The MBTI Table can be used in the following ways:

  1. Read about your own type and become familiar with the way your type manages life and relationships.
  2. Find out the types of those people closest to you: colleagues, friends, and family and get to know about them through the type table. If you do not know their MBTI types, we have a program in which we test and debrief those people in your closest circles.
  3. Research the new, significant people who come into your life and become important for you to understand. You’ll find yourself quickly being able to understand and predict the behaviors of the people around you. Remember that whole type – the four-letter combination of type – is the way to understand people. Understanding people based on individual preferences has limited value.
  4. Be sure to email this link to others. They will really appreciate it.