The FIRO-B is one of the most powerful and under-utilized of assessments. In 10 – 15 minutes of seemingly simple questions it unlocks the mystery of emotional intelligence for individuals and teams. Delta Associates is a leader in the organizational application of FIRO-B. Please contact us (512 -498-9780 or for more information on FIRO-B and its application.

The way we lead, the way we follow and the way we interact with peers grows out of what we want from people. That sounds simple enough–except that we are often not fully aware of what we want from people.

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What we are aware of is the fact that sometimes we want people to follow us . . . and they run screaming from the room. Sometimes we want people to leave us alone . . . and they won’t get out of our faces. Sometimes it seems like we put our own success in jeopardy by taking on more than is humanly possible to do. Sometimes we think we’re well networked . . . and we are the last person to find out about an impending restructure, layoff, or acquisition. Sometimes we think we’ve built strong relationships with our peers . . . and find that they don’t know us and feel no commitment to us, making us vulnerable in any shakeup.

The FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-BehaviorTM) shows, more clearly than any other assessment, how we impact people, what we expect from them and what we will do for them. This “impact on people” is another way of talking about Emotional Intelligence or EQ. Nothing affects our ability to lead and manage–and our general ability to live a happy life–more than this.

The good news is that our impact on people can be measured–and, if we wish to do so, changed. The FIRO-B tells us how.

The FIRO-BTM is a powerful tool in any situation where interpersonal relationships matter, including management development, team building, leadership development, and executive coaching. The assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete online.

The FIRO-BTM helps a person to:

  • Make their greatest impact at work.
  • Understand what they need to do their best work.
  • Understand how they naturally lead . . . and how to leverage and expand that style.
  • Work effectively with people whose needs are very different from theirs.
  • Give their all and not be subject to manipulation.
  • Ensure that they are included in the flow of information.

The FIRO-BTM helps a team to:

  • Motivate team members meaningfully
  • Structure the work flow and metrics to gain everyone’s best contribution
  • Participate in the larger organization and not isolate themselves
  • Negotiate effectively with stakeholders outside the team
  • Recognize achievement and performance meaningfully

FIRO-B provides unique “ah-has” to individuals and teams. Please contact us (512 -498-9780 or for more information.