What would it be worth to you to see how your leadership competencies compare to a rigorous database of thousands of successful managers and executives? If you’re like most professionals, you’d give a lot for that type of information. The CPI 260 is one of the only validated assessments that delivers that rare comparative data. Please contact us (512 -498-9780 or jspeer@delta-associates.com) to discuss the CPI 260 and what it might mean for individuals and teams in your organization.

For a sample of the CPI 260 report, click here.

How Do You Stack Up as a Leader?

Ever wonder how you compare to other leaders in your approach to leadership? Are you too rigid? Too loose? Do you miss important interpersonal cues? Do you spend too much time on interpersonal relations and team dynamics? When you have a tough message to deliver, are you too blunt? Too soft? Or do you tend to avoid it entirely? Do you know how to influence the people above you? Or does that make you so nervous you break out in a sweat? Do you see yourself as someone who ought to be in charge? Or do you really see yourself as one of the foot soldiers?

And wouldn’t it be valuable to know how you stack up to the best in the business?

The CPI 260, the gold standard in leadership assessments, analyzes your leadership style on 18 important competencies that range from self-awareness and resilience to decisiveness and collaboration and from creativity and change management to comfort with being in the limelight at the top.

The CPI 260 also compares you to the best in business: your results are compared to a rigorous database of over 5,600 top managers and executives. It shows how you compare favorably with those leaders, how you compare unfavorably and how you may just be different from other leaders. It leads into a developmental planning process that enables you to create an action plan to leverage your strengths and work on your challenge areas.

We can administer the CPI 260 to an entire team, aggregate their results and use that as a platform for the team to assess its strengths, weaknesses, blindspots and opportunities. After you take the CPI 260, we will send you your 18-page report and will debrief you on your results. We often incorporate the CPI 260 into our executive coaching, leadership training and executive team assessment.

The assessment is administered online and takes roughly 40 minutes to complete.

The CPI 260 not only assesses your leadership behaviors on 18 key leadership competencies, it also shows how you stack up against other managers and executives in a rigorous database of 5,600 organizational leaders. It provides a strong platform for professional development and coaching. Please contact us (512 -498-9780 or jspeer@delta-associates.com) for more information.