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Is Your Executive Aligned to Lead?

Posted on 01/23/2017 in Featured Articles by Jack Speer

Team Alignment Eliminates Silos and Individual Agendas

The alignment of the Leadership Team in an organization can unfailingly predict and determines whether an organization will scale, fail or stall.

Your team members may be brilliant professionals individually, but your organization can fail because of faulty Leadership Team alignment.

Leadership alignment—whether you move as a coordinated group whose sum is more than the individual parts—is the leading indicator of whether the balance sheet will grow or hemorrhage red. It will determine or whether products and services nose-dive in consumer popularity or gain market share.

Even though the CEO has a clear vision of how the organization moves forward, aligning the Leadership Team to achieve critical outcomes requires precision alignment where each team member clearly understands and buys into the organizational process as a whole.

New and unexpected challenges confront leadership teams every day. These challenges often creates a critical turning point with new, unseen, and unanticipated challenges that can create a crisis in the senior organizational leadership:

  • New product introductions
  • Sudden product obsolescence
  • New and disruptive competitors
  • Merging organizational cultures
  • Changes in leadership
  • Sudden changes in technology.

These are moments of opportunity and crisis when team alignment will be the factor that determines success or failure. 
Delta has the ability to facilitate leadership alignment to meet the challenges.  The process of aligning team direction, strategy and success never happens by accident, as a by-product of budget planning, or operational meetings.

Alignment comes through facilitation by professionals such as Delta Associates, Inc. who have a proven ability to understand the organization and industry and are skilled at putting people into the same room and asking and answering the questions that lead to integrated strategy and execution.

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