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Can You Measure the Dysfunction of My Team? Can a 360-degree Assessment Help You Fix It?

Posted on 02/15/2019 in Featured Articles, Leadership by Jack Speer

Would you agree that fixing leadership dysfunctionality and aligning an organization’s leadership is the key factor in the world’s organizational success?  Organizations can’t succeed in the 21st Century marketplace environment unless its leadership is aligned.

Mike Myatt, a leadership advisor and coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, wrote in Forbes Magazine that the reason leadership dysfunction is tolerated in organizational leadership is that it is so prevalent that it is not even noticed–it’s virtually invisible to most people.

I have found this to be true: Alignment is the key success factor –leadership dysfunction dooms organizations.

What’s in it for you that your organization succeeds? When an organization fails, fortunes and careers are lost and dreams die, as well as careers, investment, and reputation. Dysfunctional leadership kills invention, new products, and services and deprives the world of progress.

We Fix Our Technology IssuesWhy Don’t we Fix Leaders?

We certainly don’t tolerate dysfunctionality in the technology that we use every day.   Have you ever owned a computer that worked sort-of—slow, lumbering, and clunky… Ugh.  Do you live with it, fix it, or dump it?

We quickly get to the heart of the technological problem.  When we suspect our computer isn’t performing fast enough, we call in a technician who measures the speed of the processor, and it tells you how fast your computer is running in megahertz. Then you can go back to the factory specs and they will tell you if your laptop is living up to its original design.

Why Don’t We Fix Dysfunctional Leadership?

Leadership is worth fixing and does not fix itself. You cannot fix a team by firing some people and bringing on new ones. Fixing leadership is a defined, group process.

The average cost of an executive team in a mid-size organization for one year is north of one million dollars annually, and the price goes up the size of the organization. The Leadership Team’s decision-making process affects every dollar the organization spends. Their alignment of leadership will determine the success of the organization.

We Can Fix Leadership–If We Have Measurements

We can only fix what we can measure.  Organizational leadership has to have measurement tools to measure dysfunctionality and functionality in order to fix leadership teams.  Measurement tools give management the tools to manage.

Measurement Tools—Not Collective Shrugs

Many organizations give a giant, collective shrug and conclude there is no way to fix the leadership team. They don’t believe the leadership team is aligned or functioning as it should, but they don’t have the measurement tools to develop a strategy to fix the team.

Without a system to fix the team, you have around the leadership table a highly recruited, incredibly intelligent, well-educated, and experienced people who are not aligned with each other. Team members have differences in approach, lack of communication with each other, and a pattern of getting in each other’s way. They don’t share a common understanding of how their roles fit together as a team. They lack a system to align.

The System and the Measurement

Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D., Delta Associates Founder, and I have been working on Developing an organizational Leadership Alignment System that takes leadership teams, at whatever level of their functionality, to aligned and highly functional teams in a short period of time.

The following are the components of an alignment system that measures teams that have been highly successful in organizations across many industries.

  1. The Digital Delta Online 360-degree Survey.  The fully customizable 360-degree assessment measures performance and possibilities of the management team.  Our proprietary online behavioral based 360-degree assessment is to organizations as important as game tapes are to professional sports teams.  The 360 provides a complete picture of where each team member is on their journey achieving their goals based on measurement.
  2. Alignment/Assessments – Building on the foundation of the Digital Delta 360-assessment, our alignment system uses tools such as the MBTI, FIRO-B and the CPI 260.  This enables leaders to be quantifiably better able at managing person-to-person relationships, day to day negotiations, and conflicts and alliances with people.
  3. Executive Coaching.  Based on quantitative 360-degree feedback and extensive written comments, we are able to quickly diagnose executive issues and to create a successful path forward.
  4. Delta Game Plan.  The Delta Game Plan puts together the 360-degree assessment, personality type, leadership and interpersonal relationship assessments into the 5 Step Delta Leadership Alignment System that transforms performance, results, and careers.
  5. Leadership Development.  Our 5 Step Delta Leadership Scaling System builds the leadership bench to support growth and scaling through a customized, targeted leadership development program.

Delta Associates Alignment Model

If your organization is filled with bright, well educated, and successful team members who are not as aligned as they should be, it’s not surprising.  Most organizations across the globe face team alignment issue.  Too many top executives think that their team organizes itself.  It is not unlike an NFL sports team that has recruited the best players in the league, but can only become aligned through coaching, video replay and applying what they’ve learned.  Alignment is the key to any kind of successful team.

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