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Most of us began with a dream of the person we wanted to be.  We could see it in our minds and it felt so real to us, within our reach. 

For many of us, that dream is alive and well within us right now today.  You may find yourself in a position that can take you to the top or you many be on the verge of finding that position. 

If you ever believed you could be more happy, effective and more successful in your life and career, you should consider spending 3 to 6 months in an executive coaching program for 2020.

Time and again we find people a half inch away from being that person they always knew they would be–and executive coaching takes them over that last difficult to navigate half inch.

Executive coaching, with the right coach and a client willing to do the work, can produce mind-bending transformations as people unlock their true potential.  When people understand how to navigate that last difficult half-inch, they often say, “I can do that.  It’s doable.”

It’s as often as simple as my body language when I walk into a room, how I interact with people, how I connect with them, how I gain trust, how I make my case convincing?  Most of us have an idea of the importance of all those things.  An executive coach can give you the right techniques to work with their client on those issues that make transformation ongoing. 

Executive Coaching in a Nutshell

Your organization has every reason to invest in executive coaching for you and your peers.

A recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers study reported on reported the mean ROI on executive coaching to be 7 times the initial investment. More than 25% of coaching clients said their ROI was 10 – 49 times the cost.

One-third of executives use an executive coach—many others would but can’t find a highly skilled and experienced one.  The coach they want is uniquely qualified at the highest level to listen, understand, advise, and guide to achieve organizational outcomes

Getting the Outcome that Achieves Dreams: How The Delta Executive Coaching Model Works

Our executive coaching clients often fit a profile like this: highly intelligent, well-educated people who have excelled in business, academics, entrepreneurship, technology or science. They have been successful all through their lives, often by competing and being the best.

As they are promoted into executive positions, they find that they need a new skillset: leadership, board and investor interaction, collaboration, communication, strategy, organizational design, and vision. Executive coaching leads clients to develop the combination of skills and abilities they need now.

The Delta Associates coaching model works in the following way:

  • A Skilled Executive Coach. Selecting the truly qualified executive coach is the most challenging part of the process. The coach must understand the dynamics of performance, organizations, and interpersonal relationships. They must be analytical, insightful, and passionate about the success of the person they’re coaching.
  • A Coaching Client Who Is Ready.  A client must be in a state of readiness.  They must be willing to trust the executive coach’s counsel and be willing to change deeply ingrained past behaviors. The encouraging point is that the client, if they are willing to make fundamental changes, will immediately begin to see positive results.
  • Client Biography.  We want to know where the client has come from, their background, education, and experience.  What an executive coach does must be congruent with who the client is.
  • Personality Assessments. We help the executive coaching client understand their own personality and life approaches through the Myers-Briggs Personality Type (RT) and the FIRO-B assessment. These assessments aid a person in understanding how to best work with others and how they interact with individuals and groups.
  • The Delta 360-degree Assessment. The most effective way to understand one’s self is through the eyes and experiences of those we work with. Delta has its own proprietary 360-degree assessment that gathers, analyzes and reports feedback from the full circle of the client’s colleagues, including bosses, direct reports, peers….even board members and key external stakeholders.
  • The Client Game Plan. Once the assessments are debriefed and discussed, the coach and client create a game plan that is based on the most significant issues and opportunities.
  • Coaching Measurement. As the client learns and applies their game plan, we measure with the client’s circle of colleagues to what extent they have successfully addressed the issues faced and have improved in their skills and abilities.

Most of us believe that we have a higher ability to achieve and succeed than we are demonstrating.  The right coach unlock our abilities and take us to the top.  No matter where you find yourself, if you’re not involved in executive coaching, you are like a star athlete winging it by himself/herself.  It is worth doing whatever it takes to work with a coach who will help you achieve far more than you ever believed. 

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