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The Ultimate Succeed/Fail List for Your Project Team

Posted on 07/30/2018 by Jack Speer

Business project teams, like sports teams, are as likely to fail as succeed. How do you avoid this? Follow the suggestions we’re offering, and you’ll increase the odds of succeeding greatly.

Is it OK for Me to be Ambitious? —the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Ambition

Posted on 07/23/2018 by Jack Speer

On a scale of one to ten, how ambitious are you? Of the people around you, family, colleagues, and friends—who do you know who is not ambitious enough—and who is JUST TOO AMBITIOUS?

Making the Workplace Work with Intergens

Posted on 07/16/2018 by Jack Speer

Intergenerational Teams—Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and iGens Making it Happen Together

Dale Carnegie vs. Donald Trump. Is the Way People Talk to Each Other Changing?

Posted on 07/09/2018 by Jack Speer

Is Dale Carnegie “Friendly Me” Communication Out? Is Donald Trump “Fear Me” Communication in? Is Friendly in the Workplace on Life Support?

Get out of the Way—the Train is Coming! When Personal Change is a Matter of Survival

Posted on 07/02/2018 by Jack Speer

Do you believe in change? You in fact really do believe in rapid, decisive and measurable change—to get out of the way of an oncoming train. Everyone alters their course each day as events of the day unfold.

What Got You Here—At this Point Won’t Get You There

Posted on 06/25/2018 by Jack Speer

Are you stuck in your career or do you know someone who is? If being stuck isn’t true of you, it’s likely true of someone you know—a colleague, direct report, a friend. It can be a desperate time in your life.

Managing Your Life and Career at 120 Years Old: How Are You Going to Do That?

Posted on 06/18/2018 by Jack Speer

How will you manage your life and career at the age of 120? Silly question? Not worth thinking about? Waste of time? Maybe so, maybe no.

Why Can’t I Just Speak My Mind? The Power and Perils of Saying What You Think

Posted on 06/04/2018 by Jack Speer

Should I Say What I’m Thinking?! Ouch! Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Why can’t I just speak my mind? —especially when it’s true! This is a question I’ve wrestled with all my life, and it comes up in conversations almost every day, especially with leaders who are charged with getting outcomes.

When I Look at Me, Who Do I See?

Posted on 05/21/2018 by Jack Speer

How Do You React When You Look in the Mirror—Happy or Horrified? What’s Your Self Concept When You Look at You? Some people can’t get enough of their own face in the mirror—other people avoid looking at all. What about you?

Why Our Teams All Too Often Fail

Posted on 04/30/2018 by Jack Speer

Basketball is a player-to-player competition, but in business, as well as non-profits, team members must not compete against each other.

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