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Escaping the World of the Chronically Unemployed

Posted on 11/12/2019 by Jack Speer

Few people navigate the world of employment today without at some point finding themselves jobless. Companies fold, they’re acquired, reorged, and downsized. Sometimes you find yourself over your head in a project or on the wrong side of politics–bottom line is you’re out. People get fired—it’s what happens.

Steve Jobs — Self-concept Propelled His Success

Posted on 02/22/2019 by Jack Speer

Self-concept is the sum of the way you see yourself, who you believe yourself to be.

Test Drive Your Success

Posted on 09/24/2018 by Jack Speer

In this Tuesday Report, I’m really asking for your help and a few very short minutes of your time.

A Gamechanger for Teams: The New 360-Degree Online Assessment

Posted on 11/19/2014 by Jack Speer

How do you launch a team so that it has the best shot at success? Two components of a successful team are an effective kickoff strategy and a 360-degree team assessment. Sometimes when we put teams together within an organization, hopes are high and so are the stakes. The organization has a cash investment and an expectation the team’s work will generate revenues. How do we increase the chances that this team will achieve its goals? Let’s say that you have a team of 15 people and a project manager that reports[…]

The Thermodynamics of Feedback – How You Handle Criticism Can Make Your Career or Destroy You

Posted on 05/07/2014 by Jack Speer

When was the last time you were personally criticized as a leader in your organization when it was absolutely not what you were expecting? Criticism, like the reaper drone, comes out of nowhere Criticism is like the famed Reaper Drone used by the US military drops out of the sky at any moment and destroys  It’s the thermodynamic dynamic principle of human organization—criticism is about heat, energy, and direction.  Criticism propels an organization forward or punishes, paralyzes, and ultimately destroys its teams and individual careers.[…]

What About the Old Advice, “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel?” Is it Stupid or Smart?

Posted on 09/23/2013 by Jack Speer

Who hasn’t heard this old piece of advice – “Don’t reinvent the wheel!” You can certainly make a case for not reinventing the wheel. The fundamentals of the wheel have literally not changed in over 5,000 years. It began round in shape and made it easier to move something rather than dragging it over the ground. Then someone added the axle‚ and that was that. So the wheel has become a symbol today of the way you move things forward in organizations. Therefore, do we[…]

Change? Really? Do I need to? Do I Want to? Is Change a Temporary State?

Posted on 07/31/2013 by Jack Speer

Every year I get misty eyed when I see the latest production of Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol.  I follow Ebenezer Scrooge through the evening of ghosts in and out of his bedroom showing him his terrible future.   I’m inspired that the very next morning Scrooge is a changed man.  He buys a Christmas turkey and ends up at the home of his poor, long-exploited employee, Bob Cratchit,  loving Bob’s family and the suffering Tiny Tim. I have to tell you, however, that the cynic in[…]

What I Should Have Said–the Skillset of Saying the Right Thing

Posted on 06/10/2013 by Jack Speer

Jack Speer Publisher/CEO I love to think of myself as a great communicator, always saying the right thing at the right time–I like to see myself as someone who has a black belt, not in karate, but in tongue. But I still get caught flat footed sometimes by someone who takes me on verbally when I’m on my best behavior, minding my own business. It happens at places like the gym when I’m at the top of my game, hoisting my my heaviest. Then some[…]

The Power of Not–How Saying No Can Paralyze an Organization

Posted on 04/19/2013 by Carol Kallendorf

Carol Kallendorf, PhD, is founder of Delta, Inc.  She is a top-rated organizational consultant, executive coach, and facilitator/negotiator.  Carol is a Master Practitioner in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®), the highest level of recognition attainable.  In my childhood and young adult years, I spent a lot of time with people who said “no” most of the time.  Some of them I am related to.  It wasn’t so much that they said to me, “No, you can’t do that.”  Instead they said a lot of[…]

Can People Really Change?

Posted on 03/07/2013 by Carol Kallendorf

You often hear the question, “Can people really change?”  Given my line of work, not surprisingly,  I come down on the side of saying, “Yes people can change and yes they do change.”  But clearly, a lot of people are more talk than action and conviction when it comes to personal change. Last Saturday, I ran into a woman at the Farmer’s Market who is my poster child for the human capacity to make life-changing, positive change and sustain it over time. When I first[…]

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