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Can People Really Change?

Posted on 03/07/2013 by Carol Kallendorf

You often hear the question, “Can people really change?”  Given my line of work, not surprisingly,  I come down on the side of saying, “Yes people can change and yes they do change.”  But clearly, a lot of people are more talk than action and conviction when it comes to personal change. Last Saturday, I ran into a woman at the Farmer’s Market who is my poster child for the human capacity to make life-changing, positive change and sustain it over time. When I first[…]

OMG Sequester! Don’t Let Them Hijack Your Future For a Disaster Drill!

Posted on 03/02/2013 by Jack Speer

Can national and world crises impact your life and career? It’s all too easy to become distracted from your family, job, your personal and spiritual development if you get distracted by the barrage of crises driven information that not only comes to you through media, but from all the people who surround you. Because of sequester, does the world for all practical purposes end for you, your family, and your job? Will the sequester be kin to a nuclear bomb?  Well, it just might.  But[…]

Capitalism With Integrity

Posted on 08/12/2012 by Lane Taylor, Cari Natvig, Lauren Button, and John Netherton

University Students Speak Out
Students from the University of Arizona share their argument concerning the Nike Corporation’s problems of capitalism and human rights.

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