Delta Clients on Delta Outcomes

testimonial-mattMatt Chasen, Founder and CEO, uShip

“Delta Associates guided us through some mission-critical, challenging and complicated transitions in our company.  They used a combination of 360-degree feedback, executive alignment, coaching and consulting to help us get to the right leadership team, organizational structure, and focus.  They have a tremendous ability to build trust and establish credibility and confidence with the most senior executives.  And they are genuinely committed to your success and will work alongside your executive team to get to the right outcome.”

testimonial-steveSteve Jackobs, Executive Director, Capital IDEA

“As executive director of a large non-profit organization in Austin, Capital IDEA, we chose Delta Associates, Inc. to be our consultants to help us develop our 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan. The mission of our organization is to help people achieve a living wage through education. The dynamics of our organization are complex. We have multiple non-profit and governmental partners that enable us to serve a population of people with great potential and scarce resources. We have a goal to scale our organization and to serve a larger portion of our Central Texas population.

Delta Associates brought to Capital IDEA a wide scope of competencies that have enabled them to work with Capital IDEA in developing its strategic plan. Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D., Delta Associates Founder, is well known for her organizational expertise and ability to enable organizations to achieve their goals. Jack Speer, Delta Associates President, has served as an executive in numerous non-profit organizations. He has wide experience in the dynamics of non-profits and their interaction with communities, as well as working with elected officials and as a policy advocate

Delta Associates, through their knowledge of organizations, draws an accurate situational analysis of how an organization is viewed internally by its board and through the eyes of community leaders who support it. From interviews and review of documentation, Delta is able to develop actionable plans for organizations to move them forward.

Delta is a counselor to organizational executives and boards as they meet internal and external challenges. We value our association with Delta Associates and believe that other organizations will as well. ”

testimonial-joeJoe Henkel, President and CEO, Kleberg Bank

“Carol Kallendorf with Delta Associates has worked with Kleberg Bank for several years in a variety of areas which has enabled the Bank and our leadership team to become much more effective. Delta provided executive coaching for our senior leadership team, which has made a significant difference: we have seen those people grow and mature as executives and leaders as a direct result of Carol’s coaching. Delta also designed and delivered a year-long leadership development program for our mid-level managers and executives, which has proven to be extremely successful in building a leadership bench: we now believe that we are considerably stronger than many banks and other businesses that are much larger organizations. We also use Delta’s executive assessment process to assist in screening and selecting key senior-level hires. Through their assessments and perceptive interviewing skills, Delta brings valuable insight to the selection process that has helped our executive team and me with making difficult decisions.

We have worked with many consultants over many years and have learned to deeply appreciate Delta: they don’t just make recommendations and leave; they dig in and work through the implementation. They have been a true partner to us and they care very deeply about our success.”

testimonial-aaronAaron Richards, President, The Porter Company

Delta Associates brought to The Porter Company several tools over the past three years that have changed our company profoundly in very positive ways. They developed and conducted in-depth 360-degree assessments for all of our leaders and led us each in developing a Game Plan based on our 360s that ensured we acted on our 360 data and provided coaching along the way. The results were amazing as you saw each person make huge forward progress in areas like communication, leadership, alignment with company goals, and conflict management. Then Delta presented an 8-month leadership program that not only introduced a set of tools that we now all share and use in our work and in our leadership of the organization, but the leadership program also aligned our whole team in a way that we had never experienced. This has had a tremendous impact on our growth and success as a company. Delta also helped align our executive leadership team to provide much more cohesive and focused direction for the entire company.

I believe that our work with Delta has given us a true competitive edge in our industry. It has also given us the level of alignment that actually attracts the type of top talent we want to recruit.

Paul Trylko, President and CEO, Amplify Credit Union

Paul Trylko is a seasoned finance executive and winner of the 2012 Austin Business Journal Nonprofit CEO of the Year.

“As CEO of a growing credit union, I am keenly aware of how important it is that we have an aligned, member-focused leadership team that knows both how to lead and how to manage.  Delta Associates created a customized 360 feedback tool for us and a leadership development program that integrated both leadership and management skills.  I have seen individual executives grow tremendously and change behaviors in a positive way as a direct result of this program.  I have also seen our leadership team grow together in our alignment and in having a shared tool kit and shared language for leading and managing.  As a result, Amplify has a cohesive, focused leadership team that I would put up against any in the industry.”

Hal R. HarveyPresident / CFOCeleritas Group, LLC

Hal Harvey is a senior executive with over 25 years’ experience in general management, finance and operations in a host of industries.

“As president of a smaller company that, like many small companies in the current economic conditions, has to battle increasing regulations and ever changing difficult markets with ever fewer resources, it is important to supplement limited internal resources with very key top talent external resources that specialize in difficult areas such as Delta Associates.  We have engaged Delta Associates on some very challenging executive level issues and their counsel and advice over the period of several years has been a great resource. Their focus has always been on how to make the company successful, but also to address issues head on and help effectively navigate some tough situations.  I particularly value Carol’s coaching on how I can lead most effectively and stretch my leadership style.  We are not a company that hires a lot of consultants and I would definitely say that Delta delivered great value and was money truly well spent.”

Mark Abramson, Founder and CEO of Forward Thought, Inc. and past Board Chairman of USA Cycling

Mark Abramson is a high tech entrepreneur in the Bay Area specializing in enterprise resource planning and supply chain solutions. He is also a competitive cyclist.

“I served for several years as Board Chairman for USA Cycling, the national governing organization for all cycling disciplines in the US, which includes elite athletes such as the US Olympic team and thousands of dedicated amateur cyclists across the nation. Delta helped our organization through very challenging times, including a senior leadership transition, a very difficult economy and the incorporation of new cycling disciplines within the USAC organization. Delta was able to skillfully guide both senior staff and Board leadership to keep USAC moving forward on all metrics—from financial strength, to organizational and leadership strength to athletic results to morale and engagement.  Delta understood the complexity of the USAC organization and was able to gain the trust and confidence of everyone on the staff and the Board. USAC is a stronger and better organization because of our work with Delta.”

Heather Bailey, Executive Director of Energy Strategy and Electric Utility Development, City of Boulder, Colorado

Heather Bailey is a senior utility executive with broad experience from finance to transmission.  She is currently heading utility strategy for the City of Boulder, Colorado.

“Delta Associates is who I went to when I needed help defining a strategic path for my organization. As a utility executive, I was faced with the challenges of bringing together a diverse group of service departments and trying to create a new service delivery model. Carol Kallendorf worked with me and my direct reports to create a shared vision and path for bringing the groups together, focusing on stream lining services to the organization.

In addition, we developed long term strategies that set a course for the future and create a new business model. It was a difficult process because each group came into the exercise with a little skepticism and uncertainty as to the outcome. We had been through many “initiatives of the month” developed work plans which never got very far and needed to make changes. I wanted to come away with a doable plan, in a relaxed setting, and not make it feel like a forced exercise with no long term impact. Dr. Kallendorf delivered – by preparing in advance and understanding the underlying issues, planning the session, and being an excellent facilitator, she got us on track. We developed a shared set of goals and expectations, a plan for change and assigned responsibilities. We focused on the outcomes and their impact, with check points along the way. She helped us break down barriers and truly become a team. To this day, it was one of the best planning sessions in my professional career because it had a short, medium and long term view, broken down into doable tasks. We were able to make incremental changes that ultimately led to bigger results.

John WaupshChief Innovation Officer and Creative DirectorBancVue

John Waupsh is an entrepreneur and cofounder of BancVue.

“Carol is a master craftsman, a Sherpa and an agent of change.

She wields decades of insight and a bevy of tools to help you fully assess your current self. Her vast experience with entrepreneurs helps you see around bumpy corners you thought were straight, flat roads. And best of all, she has the forethought (and the patience) to train you to succeed without her.”

Rich Robinson, Vice President of Information Technology, Bazaarvoice

Rich Robinson is a technology executive with extensive industry and military experience, having served as a communications officer in the US Army.

“I’ve been lucky to take part in some really great training programs in my career but the Delta leadership training is absolutely the best holistic training experience I’ve had in my civilian career. The unique aspect of the training was how it was delivered to a purposely chosen cohort group that stayed together throughout the training. This resulted in a combination effect of learning and team building. The Delta team also approaches the curriculum in a way that allows the course and discussions to flow based on the individuals’ personal experiences and the overall group’s current challenges.

The great thing about training in the military is that it is based on real scenarios and those scenarios keep getting progressively escalated in significance and complexity.  That is exactly what Delta does in its leadership training—they create real world scenarios, escalate them and push you to get them solved.  They do that better than any other civilian training I’ve experienced.

By understanding what motivates my peers and their default tendencies, I feel I’ve been able to better tune my communications with them to achieve our goals. Personally it was a great reminder to sharpen the saw on my own behavior and ensure I’m presenting myself in the way I want to be seen.

Some folks may have a perception that only hugely successful companies like a GE or IBM can afford the time and effort to have a program like this….I would argue that the need is even greater for companies who aspire to break through.”

Kirk Dando, CEO, Dando Advisors

Kirk Dando advises CEOs of high growth companies on strategies for growth and scaling.

“As a Leadership and Business Growth expert, I have learned two simple but profound truths; success and failure leave footprints and the goal of all leaders and their business’ is growth. I have created a system of problem-predicting (rather than problem-solving) that helps business leaders stay focused on growth.

An important alliance for me in my work is Delta Associates, Inc., headed by Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D., the founder, and Jack Speer, President. Carol, Jack, and their team have a process grounded in how people increase their capacity to perform over time and the many transitions they must successfully navigate. Jack and Carol align teams for outcomes and help key players transition from the point of being brilliant professional to the point that they can lead and marshal teams to achieve short and long-term goals. Their methodology helps teams that are stuck to get past issues and to gain the tools so that they don’t revert to where they were. They work with teams that are already high performing to use tools that will help them exceed theirs and everyone else’s expectation.

A huge advantage in working with a company such as Delta is their experience and how much they care about your success. When Delta works with your company, you’ll receive help from people who understand your business and your issues. Being a very selective leadership and business advisor, I work with very few partners. Delta is a partner I can depend on and trust.”

Mark Warren, Training Coordinator / Consultant, Texas Association of Counties

Mark Warren is a highly sought-after presenter and trainer known for delivering compelling content with humor and high energy.

“The first time I met Carol, she presented a Myers-Briggs session at a staff retreat event. I was impressed at how she and my work group connected so easily, how she could relate the material to all the participants–both at work, and it’s ramifications in our personal lives. She also has a wonderful and uncommon trait (which many trainers don’t) which is to make everyone’s input and questions feel valued. These are things people long remember.

As I got to know Carol better, she was kind enough to help me through some pretty rough personal trauma, offering a great listening ear and a very balanced perspective. About 2006, I asked Carol to be part of our Leadership faculty, where her presentations and knowledge-sharing on collaboration and leadership presence made huge contributions to our Leadership theme: by helping to make people better, better people will make much better leaders. The executive classes are small and highly interactive by design. To date, including the next class in 2012-13, that’s more than 80 elected county officials and county auditors who have been touched by Carol’s work.”

Erin Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer, SunPower

Erin Nelson is a well-known marketing executive with a global reputation.  She has served as Chief Marketing Officer for high tech companies including Dell and Bazaarvoice.

“As Chief Marketing Officer for high-growth companies, I understand the importance of high performing teams that execute to perfection and accomplish their goals. For the past two years, I’ve worked with Delta Associates as they have helped Bazaarvoice align, scale, do a successful IPO and continue to grow. Delta’s focus is always on helping their clients achieve and exceed their business goals. They are relentless in pushing your business agenda and will tell you the truth—even when it’s uncomfortable.

Delta really “gets” how organizations work—and how to align them to succeed. They have played a key role at Bazaarvoice in many, many ways. For instance, Delta built a highly successful leadership development model and 360-degree feedback tool that spoke to who we are as a high-growth technology company and focused all of our leaders on achieving business results in this environment. They trained more than 100 of our leaders on that model, forged strong cross-functional connections among key leaders to drive business results, and worked with high-impact teams like my Marketing Leadership Team to help them achieve even greater alignment and focus.

Unlike many other consultants—and I’ve worked with a lot of them—Delta invests itself in their clients’ success. They want you to win and they won’t rest until you do! I would be delighted to talk with anyone about Delta—I feel that strongly about them.”

Senior Executive, Financial Services

“I have been through some of best corporate leadership and management training available–programs such as Wells Fargo and GM–and I benefited tremendously from them all. But I have to say the Delta program is truly exceptional. The ROI on Delta’s program for our bank is so huge that it is incalculable.”