Passionate about work … about service … about community … about life.

Jack Speer and Carol Kallendorf are passionate about the work Delta Associates does, about the success of their clients, and about business in general. Their passions also extend beyond their business into the world around them.

Both believe fervently in the power of community to create safe, culturally stimulating, and healthy environments to live and raise families. They are urban pioneers who moved into the inner city of Austin, Texas when it was rife with gang activities and crime. By being on the forefront of community-building in Central Austin they have helped transform that area into what is widely considered the most vibrant and desirable place to live in this very vibrant city.

Together, Jack and Carol founded the Dream Come True Foundation, a non-profit organization that identifies individuals and families in poverty who have a dream of success, but who need financial assistance, mentoring, and other support to achieve their dream. The Dream Come True partners with those individuals over the course of one or more years to escort them across the bridge from poverty to the middle class and make sure they are established there.

The Dream Come True Foundation is currently moving 11 individuals out of poverty and into the middle class. Despite the economic challenges of the last several years, not a single graduate of Dream Come True has slipped back into poverty. They continue to move up economically.  Dream Come True recipients are now nurses and social workers, public health professionals and health administrators.  They all share a passion for service – giving back to others, just as the Dream Come True has given to them.

Life passions for both Jack and Carol are nutrition, exercise, gardening, travel and cooking. Their inner city garden brims over with flowers and vegetables year-round. And with their two standard poodles, Winston and Roosevelt, they enjoy walking much of the city they love and call home.