Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D., Founder, Delta Associates

Carol earned her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University. She founded Delta Associates in 1982, moving the firm to Austin in 1990, and is widely-known for her work in organizational research, organizational design, assessment, executive coaching and leadership development.

She is also seen as a thought leader in the use of assessments in organizations, including advanced applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), leadership assessments, 360-degree feedback tools and employee engagement surveys. She is known as a top executive coach to CEOs, senior executives and executive teams throughout the country for organizations of all sizes, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

Carol is a Master Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Jack Speer, President, Delta Associates

Jack is a graduate of Abilene Christian College and did advanced studies in cultural anthropology and linguistics at Fuller Seminary. He is a graduate of The School of Languages in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Jack is president of Delta Associates. He has wide experience in consulting with organizations, both large and small. He has an extensive background in industrial development, municipal marketing, and business consulting. He has lived in Latin America, is fluent in Spanish and facilitates Spanish-speaking teams and organizations for Delta Associates.

Jack is also a well-known Internet publisher and entrepreneur. He is publisher of Delta on High Performance, creator of the online World Type Alliance, and is writer of the popular MBTI e-newsletter, Our Take on Type.

He has special expertise in business strategy and business planning and in bringing highly factionalized executive teams into alignment.

Lana Newlander, Executive Assistant and Membership Director

Lana Newlander brings over 25 years experience in management, coordination and organization as a high-level executive assistant. She excels in customer relations, workflow management and all aspects of organization. Lana has a strong background in banking, mortgage processing, and real estate support. She joined Delta Associates in 2007. In addition to serving as executive assistant, Lana is also Membership Director of the World Type Alliance.

Lana has two grown children, Chris and Nicole. Nicole is currently a student at University of Texas. In her spare time, Lana is a dog-fancier and one of the few Americans to raise Leonbergers (“Leos”). Leos are a German breed weighing in at about 150 pounds a piece. Lana and husband Bob own two Leos, who are stilled bossed around by a much smaller pup, Ginger.