High impact services, scientific methodology, measurable results

Delta Associates is dedicated to building the human side of performance in organizations.

Our mission is to deliver high impact services that make our clients successful in measurable ways and enable us to learn and continually deepen the intellectual capital we bring to clients.

We measure our success by your success: your ability to attract and retain top talent, align an executive team and execute according to plan, get people in the right slots, save money, meet or exceed sales projections, and complete huge and complex projects on time and under budget.

Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D. and Jack Speer established Delta Associates in Austin, Texas in 1990 with the belief that high performing organizations need external specialists who work to develop high performing leaders and create a high performing team.

Clients build partnership alliances with Delta Associates to ensure that they achieve their mission-critical goals brilliantly, on time and within budget. Delta Associates targets areas that enable you to win as an organization – to excel in sales, revenues, profit, market share, customer service, and new product and service development. We offer business consulting services that are truly different.

Recent Delta Associates clients include:


Our Services Include:

Executive Performance

Executive coaching, executive assessment, and 360-degree feedback for executives. Top executives in fields from venture capital to industrial distribution and energy seek us out to provide ongoing executive coaching and 360-degree feedback because we enable them to succeed at levels beyond their wildest expectations.

Team Performance

Executive team alignment and strategy, building high performance teams, developing team leaders, MBTI for teams and 360-degree feedback for teams. Delta Associates specializes in high-level executive and project team alignment. Our 360-degree feedback tool for teams enables teams to actually see how they are viewed by their internal customers and stakeholders. Our Developing Team Leaders program equips team leaders to succeed at the complex job of leading teams.

Organizational Performance

Organizational audits, leadership development, succession planning, and culture change. Delta also offers critical services at the enterprise-wide level. We have deep experience in managing all types of organizational transitions from changes in executive leadership to IPO to organizational restructures. We have been engaged to lead culture change initiatives in organizations as diverse as venture capital and electric co-operatives—and have succeeded in facilitating positive cultural change in each of those environments.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), 360-degree Feedback and other assessments. Delta is widely known for our expertise in interpreting and applying assessment data. The publisher of the MBTI, FIRO-B and CPI 260 cites Delta as one of the leading firms in the nation in applying those assessments. Our custom 360-feedback tools win accolades for their sophistication and their ability to get to the heart of what is important in any industry.

Delta Associates Approach

Delta Associates is a source for achieving defined outcomes that are “absolutely must do” in your organization, yet are beyond the scope of your internal resources. It doesn’t make business sense to maintain the level of expertise that you need from time to time all the time. There are times when external resources bring in critical expertise that are most cost efficient.

Our approaches are practical, pragmatic, and winning. We use a razor sharp understanding of how organizations achieve their goals. We utilize human behavior science, analytical ability, intellectual capital, along with practical insights from hundreds of clients. We don’t move anyone’s cheese. We don’t blindfold anyone and fall backwards. We don’t do flavor of the month ever because it happens to be the rage.

We base our approach on a constantly updated knowledge of organizations and business trends based on 20 years of research and experience with hundreds of clients. We maintain personal relationships with people in organizations at every level, from the person in the field, to the individual contributor, to management at every level.

The Delta Associates strategy encompasses:

  • We have a broad understanding of organizations and business and stay at the cutting edge.
  • The recommendations and strategies we offer are those we used to build our business. We “walk the talk” and recommend that businesses find out if their consultants apply what they say to their own business.
  • We thoroughly research our client organizations through their own documentation, outside published sources, and internal interviews.
  • We are thorough in our diagnoses and recommendations and are widely known for spot-on recommendations – the type that make you say “why didn’t I see it before?”
  • We use scientifically validated instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Delta 360-degree Assessment, the FIRO-B (interpersonal interaction and emotional intelligence assessment), and the CPI 260 (leadership assessment).
  • We use nationally known group facilitation skills to bring people and groups to an effective working relationship.
  • We achieve results through successful strategies that address fundamental issues in such a way that organizational effectiveness is sustainable and ongoing.