Do you have an accurate picture of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, talent pool and blind spots? Probably not. Delta Associates’ 360-degree organizational assessment gives you a detailed profile of your entire organization — and allows you to “zoom” that view in to the team and individual level. 

Do You Have a Clear Picture of the Strengths and the Gaps?

Do you truly have an accurate view of your entire organization from the perspective of your human and team capital?

Or is your view more like standing too close to an impressionist painting so that you see the colors and the brush strokes but can’t see the full landscape?

Delta Associates’ organizational 360-degree assessment enables you to take those important steps back from the “painting” so that you can see how the individual strokes combine to create the image.

We do this by administering 360-feedback tools at both the individual and team levels and aggregating the results to create a full picture of your organization. This process shows you the strengths, the glaring gaps and the weaknesses that could be about to kill you. It shows you where there is bench strength in the organization and where that is lacking. It shows you the overall picture that you may never have seen, because you are “standing too close” and looking only at pockets of individual 360 data.

The design of our organizational 360 also enables you to “zoom in” and see aggregated data at the team and individual level. So you can focus in on different parts of the organization and different levels of leadership for additional insight. The organizational 360-degree feedback assessment is a powerful tool for workforce planning, leadership development, succession planning and recruiting. It offers you a strategic advantage in designing, redesign, and deploying your organization for ongoing success in the marketplace.

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