360-degree feedback has become a widely-adopted tool in organizations. But if you choose to administer a 360, make sure it delivers valuable, meaningful and important insight, rather than becoming an arid exercise. Too many organizations invest in a 360 only to be disappointed by the tool and its application. 

Let’s be candid. Do your managers and key contributors really know how they’re doing? Are they really getting on-point and detailed feedback about their performance as managers from their boss, their employees and their peers? Probably not.

So they may think they are rock stars of management and actually have a team near mutiny. Or they may think they confront tough issues resolutely and are really considered wishy-washy. They may think they have a strong reputation among their peers, but their peers may find them untrustworthy. Or they may think they are seen as fast-trackers in the C-suite, while the C-suite sees them as mired in operational tactics and unable to think strategically.

But, if you’re like a lot of people, the idea of a 360-degree feedback process either strikes terror, because it might destabilize the organization or sounds like a pointless waste of money.

Those are valid concerns – and ones we’ve been very successful at overcoming. Our 360s are carefully thought-through from beginning to end to ensure that the data is useful and meaningful to managers and that it does not destabilize or cause distraction. In fact, we have administered our Manager 360 with great success in organizations that had previously experienced the 360 process as either disappointing or disastrous.

We administer our 360-degree feedback tools online. We can offer you an outstanding standardized online tool, with exceptional statistical validity and reliability and competencies that are appropriate for most organizations.

We also offer customized online Manager 360 degree feedback tools, which have a core of standardized items with strong validity and reliability, and add to that core competencies, questions and rater categories unique to your organization. The customized option is what most organizations choose.

Delta Associates collaborates with you to provide statistically validated core items and customized competencies that give each of our 360 tools impact and insight that changes careers and organizations. Please contact us (512-498-9780 or jspeer@delta-associates.com) for more information.