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360 degree assessment

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360 in a Nutshell

360-degree assessments are the single most effective tool to unleash executive and leader potential. Managers come to an organization with a credible track record—technically competent, experienced, and vetted. From the Delta 360’s they gain the ability to leverage strengths and self-correct through survey feedback—from bosses, peers and direct reports. Managers get off track because they lack, as we all do, personal insight—their impact on people and situations. Through Delta 360-deegree feedback and interpretation they are able to achieve organizational goals, minimize collateral damage, create good will and boost team morale.

Here’s How the Delta, Inc. 360 Model works

  • We Effectively Educate Your Organization on the Value of the 360-degree Assessment: Few 360 degree providers do this.Organizations must clearly explain why the Delta 360 is valuable to the career and future of the leader who is the participant. Using 360 feedback, the participant will learn how to leverage strengths. They will learn how to negate weaknesses. Few experiences could be more valuable or empowering for the participants.
  • We Develop Industry-Based Interview Questions and Scaled Items that Speak Directly to your Challenges, Opportunities, and Issues. Delta understands your business and this understanding will be reflected both in our scaled or rated items in our online 360 and in the interview questions for our interview-based 360s. This customization generates positive, actionable steps to improvement for the participant.
  • We Work with You to Choose the 360 Raters. We help you select managers, peers, direct reports—even board members, VCs, and customers–who have direct insights through working with the participant.
  • We Manage the 360-degree Assessment Process through our Exclusive Delta 360 Online Platform. This includes sending the 360-degree assessment surveys to each rater, sending reminders, and follow-up until completion.
  • We Guide the Participant through the Custom Delta 360 Report. We assure that the participant has a clear understanding of the report and is emotionally supported in reviewing his or her feedback.
  • We Help the 360-degree Participant Create a Gameplan. Many 360-degree assessments leave the participant without a clear plan forward. We help the participant to create a path to success.

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Contact Carol Kallendorf, PhD, for a free and without obligation discussion about how to unleash the power of your  leaders.  Carol is founder of Delta Associates, an Austin-based organizational consulting firm and a nationally known organizational consultant.  Contact Jack Speer, Delta president, a leading organizational strategist, for a complimentary organizational strategy discussion.

They developed and conducted in-depth 360-degree assessments for all of our leaders and led us each in developing a Game Plan based on our 360s that ensured we acted on our 360 data and provided coaching along the way.

The results were amazing as you saw each person make huge forward progress in areas like communication, leadership, alignment with company goals, and conflict management. This has had a tremendous impact on our growth and success as a company.

- Aaron Richards, President, The Porter Company

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